August 24, 2022


Infinite combinations in bathroom wall coverings

This room has become the main space in the home to disconnect, and there are many different materials available to create an appropriate atmosphere.

Wall vinyls, solid surfaces, tiles and decorative aluminium panels are among the most widely used materials in this sense, thanks to their easy maintenance and the fact that they are easy to clean and maintain.

Decoration styles with personality

Colours and the marble effect blend harmoniously to create a bathroom with character and personality. In response to this trend, Krion has defined this style with the Alluslate® Forest Green Glazed aluminium decorative panel, which blends in with the green and white bathroom furniture.

Vivid pastel colours are yet another decorative proposal for bathrooms. To create a more avant-garde touch, one of the proposals is to combine a pastel pink tone with a terrazzo effect (6402 Pillow Pink and T102 Marmo Bianco by Krion® Lux), accompanied by different geometric shapes on the mirror.

Neutral environments for disconnection

Stone, sand or neutral tones are ideal when seeking to create a sense of calm in the bathroom, resulting in a warm minimalist style (the new aluminium cladding panel material Alluslate® Materica Nut by Krion).

On the other hand, a proposal for a more monochromatic environment is to choose two materials that combine perfectly, such as wood and decorative micro-cement effect panels (Alluslate® Bericcio Grey and Minessota Ash flooring).

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