June 2, 2020


Venis expands its ‘Indic’ collection with two new shades

The Porcelanosa Group company presents the Grey and Marble colours in this series, inspired by Breccia Supreme marble.

Venis has expanded its Indic collection with two new shades: Grey and Marble. Inspired by Breccia Supreme marble, the detail in these new pieces perfectly replicate the whitish veins and the greyish shine of this natural stone with 14 different graphics.

A result that has been achieved with a new layer of paint. This has increased the definition of each surface by 80% and improved the gradients for floor and wall tiles.

Salon ceramica Indic Venis Porcelanosa

Enhanced light and elegance for large projects

Indic has brought the resistance of marble to technical porcelain, and its versatility makes it easy to use on walls or floors. The floor tile formats are100 cm x 100 cm, 80 cm x 80 cm, 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm or 44.3 cm x 44.3 cm, while the wall tile formats are 45 cm x 120 cm, 33.3 cm x 59.2 cm or 25 cm x 44.3 cm, available in the two finishes: Gloss and Matt.

With this collection, spaces acquire a more sophisticated touch because their continuous design allows for the unification of floors and walls, turning areas such as living rooms, bathrooms or bedrooms into marble temples.


As well as its resistance and sobriety, we must mention the luminosity that projects can acquire with each of the series, as the grey colour captures light directly. This visual effect reinforces the feeling of infinity, extending the rooms beyond their possibilities and maintaining their initial composition intact.

Indic tiles can withstand high temperatures, impact and high footfall in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Furthermore, their installation improves the remodelling and aesthetic possibilities of large areas such as hotels, restaurants or shops, as their durability, easy cleaning and maintenance preserve the tidiness and cleanliness of each area for longer.

As a decorative resource, Indic tiles include the Cubik Indic decoration in 45 x 120 cm, 33.3 x 59.2 cm and 25 x 44.3 cm formats. A composition of small cubes and a defined relief pattern in three different finishes to transform the walls into artistic murals.

Ceramica Cubik Indic Marfil Venis Porcelanosa

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