March 10, 2020 | Updated: March 11, 2020


Venis looks to the sands of the desert in its new “Dakar” collection

These tiles reflect the African landscape and its textures through wavy lines that simulate the movement of sand and create a dynamic sensation in rooms.

The 45 cm x 120 cm tiles in pure white with a matte finish combine perfectly with minimalist or Mediterranean style interiors.

Venis has brought the sands of the desert to its new Dakar collection. Designed as a decoration for walls, the 45 cm x 120 cm tiles recreate the movement of the dunes through wavy horizontal lines. The visual effect is enhanced by variations in thickness of up to 4 mm as the lines get closer.

The white colour, soft texture and matte finish go perfectly with minimalist or Mediterranean style interiors and can be combined with Starwood ceramic wood or Persia flooring, also from Venis. As they are ceramic, maintenance and cleaning do not require any additional effort.

Dakar is a neutral collection and very versatile as a result. With it, spaces are lighter and more harmonious, as the tiles allow a play of volumes, colours and perspectives and highlight details such as the headboard of a bed or the washbasin in a bathroom.

Be transported to the desert of Dakar.

Dakar Venis 1

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