February 26, 2019 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Vancouver from Starwood: accuracy and relief based on wood

This new series offers a digital relief which accurately reproduces the details of nature, along with the purest brushing.

With a high degree of shade variation and five tones, this material can be used in exteriors with no change regarding its original colour. 

Starwood, one of the most outstanding ceramic wood collections from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, extends its possibilities with its new Vancouver series. The sobriety and realism of its veining show the development that the material has undergone in recent years.

Digital technology realism

Production methods for Starwood have counted on the latest technology and the best processing systems, which has resulted in the precise reproduction of natural wood features, a source of inspiration. Its 22 digital graphics and reliefs accurately reproduce the brushing and refinishing stages, as well as the natural cuts, which are carried out on oakwood and walnut pieces.

Calmness through polychromy

Its five tones, namely: Nude, Moka, Honey, Silver and Brown; provide the atmosphere with greater serenity in the 25cmx150cm and 16.5cmx150cm formats. The Smart tones comes in 22cmx90cm and 14.3cmx90cm formats. Its Outdoor technology makes it possible for it to be used outdoors without any change to its colour.

Since Starwood appeared on the market (at the International Exhibition in 2017), it has strengthened its position as one of the most complete types of ceramic wood in the sector. Its five wall tile decors: Eden, Camden, Laos, Ice and Noa and its 26 tones; all meet those aesthetic requirements which the most ambitious architectural projects have. New characteristics for new challenges. The key to progress.

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