October 24, 2019 | Updated: November 14, 2019


Unit-Systems: industrialised manufacturing by Butech

The ongoing innovation in building materials and market demands have enhanced an industrialisation process in manufacturing.

From the factory, the modules for bathrooms and kitchens are installed, therefore, they are taken to the work site already assembled.  

One of Butech‘s main objectives as a company is to make the building systems processes easier for professionals, as well as ensuring optimal results which meet client needs. Because of this concern, Unit-System was created which, is an industrialised manufacturing system which sees pieces of each room leave the factory already assembled.

The advantages of industrialised manufacturing by Butech

The market itself is the one that, for some years, has set the guidelines that lead to the need of having manufacturing industrialised. The advantages of the process are:

  • Quality control: nowadays, floor tiles, wall tiles, profiles, access floorings, kitchen furniture, bathroom equipment, etc., are complicated installations. These products, if handled by the specialised professionals from PORCELANOSA Grupo, offer greater guarantees if compared to those from the worksite. This control by the factory ensures optimal installation, and therefore, they fulfil their purpose.


  • Availability of machinery and robotics: this equipment allows for higher quality in the building processes which would not be feasible in the place where the work is being carried out.
  • Tighter deadlines and costs: currently, the market looks for better and faster delivery times while looking for new ways to reduce quotations. An industrialisation by the factory that knows the product, allowing for savings in time and costs, derived from possible deterioration
  • Efficiency: all the points discussed above lead to a key concept, which is Efficiency in building systems, which not only benefits architects, interior designers and builders, but also the final client.

With Unit-Systems, Butech and Porcelanosa meet the current needs of the sector, and they also find themselves at the forefront of one of the trends regarding future building systems.

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