August 6, 2019

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Unique kitchen islands, more surface for food prep and dining

The kitchen is where we cook, eat, socialise and hang out. The preparation of food is still however its primary function; and no matter how much worktop surface the kitchen offers we can always do with more. The contemporary kitchen island provides both an elegant and practical solution to having additional food preparation space. Every kitchen layout is unique and therefore every island is unique, the dimensions and the finishes depend on the surrounding context. The following examples of unique kitchen islands will perhaps spark your imagination, using different materials in various configurations. Discover these kitchen island ideas.

The multi-purpose contemporary kitchen islands

Nowadays the fitted kitchen market is flooded with great options and possibilities to make a designer statement. Contemporary materials like porcelain, metal, quartz etc. are as popular as the traditional stone and wood options. The island can accommodate a sink, hob or any number of electro-domestic appliances below the worktop. Depending on the design the island can also be used as the main or ancillary dining table. The worktop for the island should be provided with an overhang or cantilever with leg room below for use as a breakfast bar or dining table. The width should be capable of accommodating a minimum of two people sitting down comfortably.

E5.30 blanco brillo_E6.00 roble alba_ROOMS
E5.30 blanco brillo E6.00 roble alba ROOMS by Gamadecor

Curved kitchen islands

Standard kitchen layouts are generally speaking linear, this is the most economic option and follows the walls of a rectangular room. However for anyone who wants to introduce a curved element into the kitchen the island provides the perfect excuse for a more sculptural approach. Depending on the design either the integrated cabinets or just the worktop can be curved. The curved kitchen island introduces a more fluid element into the space and can help define circulation and functional operations.

Bespoke kitchen islands

To really let the imagination take flight a custom made bespoke kitchen island can not only take advantage of every available square centimetre but also make an design statement. In fact the entire kitchen décor could be designed around a custom made kitchen island, this is especially the case in large spaces where the island provides the primary work surface.

E3.60 jaspe marron glass_E3.00 negro ghost
Kitchen E3.60 jaspe marron glass E3.00 negro ghost by Gamadecor

Kitchen islands on wheels

For the ultimate flexibility the kitchen island on wheels is hard to surpass. This is usually a worktop surface with practical shelving beneath that is mounted on casters. A locking device for the wheels ensures that it can be anchored in place when and where required. This type of island can be placed in close proximity to the worktop when extra preparation space is needed and can be stored elsewhere when not needed.

Painted kitchen islands  

A simple way to add flare to an existing kitchen island or even an old table that can be converted into a kitchen island is to provide it with a coat of paint. The colour can pick up on the splash back tiles or another kitchen feature. Or alternatively choose a contrasting colour to the surrounding cabinets and worktop for extra impact.

E5.00 ocean blue brillo_E2.00 sugi ice
Kitchen E5.00 ocean blue brillo_E2.00 sugi ice by Gamadecor


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