August 29, 2019 | Updated: December 5, 2019

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Types of kitchen taps

The everyday action of opening and closing the kitchen tap or faucet when preparing food, washing up or cleaning fruit and vegetables is something we do automatically. However behind this common or garden kitchen plumbing there is a lot of sophisticated technology. Depending on the design of your kitchen and how you use it one type of tap might me more suitable than another. With this article we are looking at different types of kitchen taps organised according to technology. We present a selection of sustainable, attractive and efficient options that will add an extra something to your kitchen.

Smart taps

The best kitchen taps nowadays are undoubtedly the ones that are smart, or digital. In other words achieve the desired temperature on opening and aerate the water thus achieving significant savings. Modern kitchen taps have evolved in such a way that reflects the importance of water in our homes and its proper conservation. The Noken Pure Line digital tap is a good example. With its Led display providing a visual indication of water temperature and its futuristic looks the tap is both smart and elegant. Its looks can inspire the entire kitchen design. The slender square profile in a chrome finish has a separate knob control placed next to it for easier control.

Smart looks and clever performance

Another example is the Noken Osmosis single lever mixer tap with integrated filter that is not only good for health reasons but for the environment. Give that it completely eliminates the need for bottled water. The Osmosis system works by passing water through different membranes at pressure and thus removing contaminants, solids and large molecules and minerals. Osmosis is also compatible with a matching aerator. The swivel spout and double nozzle on its cantilevered head provides a practical and unusual feature.

Product: Osmosis single lever mixer

The retractable tap fitting

One of the other recent innovations that has meant an evolutionary step for the kitchen tap, this time a mechanical improvement, is the retractable tap. With its water spray that can be turned 360° the retractable tap is telescopic and usually neatly housed within the faucet sleeve. Cleaning obstinate baked on food from pots and pans becomes infinitely easier.

Traditional style versus modern style kitchen taps

Depending on the design of the cabinets, worktop and the kitchen sink one style of tap might be more appropriate than another. The Mini Plus is a wall mounted mixer tap with swivel spout that could just as easily be suitable for a rustic country style kitchen as a more modern décor. On the other hand the Hotels and Arquitect kitchen taps by Noken are much more avant-garde in their looks combining cubic style configurations with curved edges inspired by fluidity and touch. Both are provided with swivel spouts. The classic semi-circular curved geometry of the Urban Stick and Loop kitchen taps will look at home in any style kitchen. Urban stick includes a 500mm pull-out hose, while both have aerators incorporated.

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