August 29, 2022


A tap for every bathroom. How to choose the model that best reflects the room's style

The latest trends and innovations in the design of these elements let users customise spaces and achieve surprising combinations

Small details make all the difference when decorating a space. This is one of the most important rules when planning renovations, or creating a new room. In the case of bathrooms, this distinctive element can be the taps. But how to choose the right model?

Whether it's a high spout, floor-standing, recessed, sophisticated, elegant or timeless, different types and designs can define the style of the room. Here are some recommendations for choosing the most suitable tap.

Slender washbasin + Titanium taps by Noken

# 01 High-spout taps

This is one of the most common models and is installed at the base of the assembly. It is especially suitable for high basins, to avoid the risk of splashing. The brushed Oxo Titanium taps by Noken is one example of this type.

Arquitect basin + Round Negro Mate taps by Noken

#02 Floor-standing taps

This sculptural element is very much at home in modern, cutting-edge spaces. Its structure is anchored to the floor to give it the personalised and exclusive touch that we find in the Round Negro Mate collection by Noken

Round taps + Arquitect Negro Mate basin by Noken

#03 Recessed taps

These pieces are perfect for saving space in the basin and reducing the countertop depth with an elegant aesthetic and a distinctive touch. They are somewhat more complex to install, since they are embedded in the wall, but this yields a more modern look that is in keeping, for example, with the industrial style.

Irta Techo Negro Mate taps by Noken

#04 Ceiling taps

With a design that is both elegant and innovative, these models are installed in an unexpected location. Mounted on the ceiling of the room, the water flows into the basin like a waterfall, creating a truly spectacular effect. This is a feature of the Irta Techo Negro Mate series.

Tono Finish Studio taps by Noken

#05 Finish Studio

With regard to aesthetics, Noken has opted for customising its finishes. With Finish Studio, Noken, the PORCELANOSA Group company, is able to turn each of its pieces into a decorative object. Metallic shades ranging from gold, copper and stainless steel to titanium, to achieve a more Art Deco look.

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