March 2, 2020


Twelfth Porcelanosa Awards Finalists: A high-tech stationer’s packed with software and notebooks

Architect Héctor Romero García from the studio Volteo Interiorismo designs a new retail concept based on new technology and the user experience.

This original proposal reached the final of the awards in the Future Design Professionals category because of its dynamic use of PORCELANOSA Group collections.

The stationery stores of the future won’t only sell notebooks, paper, magazines, textbooks, and pens; but also software, architecture manuals, freshly made coffee, and 3D programmes. This is the vision of Héctor Romero from Volteo Interiorismo architecture studio (Madrid) in his project entitled Tech Stationer’s. An original concept that reached the final of the Twelfth PORCELANOSA Group Awards in the Future Design Professionals category.

“This is a retail space for the sale of technical and specialist materials for architects, interior designers, engineers, and students of these disciplines. For this reason, the various zones have been delimited by the type of line typically used to zone spaces, with coloured LEDs embedded in the flooring and ceiling”, Romero explains.


Futurist, product-based design

The design for the project incorporates some of PORCELANOSA Group’s most innovative materials, such as ceramic flooring and tiles from Venis, laminate flooring by L’Antic Colonial, Krion™ mineral compact, Noken taps, and Butech construction solutions. “It was about giving shape to a creative process led design, with product-based interior design”, the creator of the project explains.

Under this premise, Romero brought his concept to life with Maker Smoke Texture tiling from Urbatek, used as flooring throughout, together with Metropolitan Antracita by Venis. This collection, used in the cafe, takes inspiration from the chromatic turns of cement, where its brilliance and vitality lend a greater sense of amplitude and luminosity to spaces.

This uninterrupted design continues into the bathroom, with AC5 Cement 1L Dark by L’Antic Colonial. The laminate flooring has a cement look finish and is perfect for wet or high transit spaces due to its resistance, strength, and simplicity. Its grey tone matches each of the room’s tiling perfectly, where the architect opted for the Metropolitan Antracita collection from Venis and Maker Smoke Texture by Urbatek.

The bathroom also features Next taps from Noken, which in turn balance the Lounge sanitary fittings, an exclusive collection created for the firm by Italian architect Simone Micheli.

The ceilings feature Steel Micro and Steel Grid panels from Butech with black profiles.


Façades and furnishings with Krion™

The versatility of the Krion™ compact mineral lends itself perfectly to the design of the façade and corporate furnishings in the stationer’s. In terms of product design, the stools and decorative elements take the form of paper clips and drawing pins, in Imperial, Yellow, Fruit, Candy, and Blue Sky tones from Krion™. The solid surface was also used for the bar, thanks to its zero porosity and hygienic nature, and reflective white (Krion™ K-Life), easy-to-clean, and low maintenance properties.

The bar gives access to the kitchen, with model E2.70 Cement grout – Lime grout/E3.00 Gris Carbon Ghost from Gamadecor presiding over the space.

A retail concept by, and for design.


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