March 22, 2022


Porcelanosa’s tips for a bright and orderly hallway

If you’re looking for a spacious and functional hallway design, go for modular furnishings, round mirrors and ceramic tiles to add colour and depth to your space.

Your hallway is where you create the first impression of your home, and the design of it is equally important – or perhaps more so – than your main rooms. To achieve a stylish and welcoming enclave that’s consistent with your overall interior design scheme, follow these décor tips from Porcelanosa.

Combine textures with compact furnishings

Your hallway should be spacious and balanced. To do this, it’s important not to go overboard with paintings and furniture; instead, opt for simple lines and neutral tones to add light and harmony.

Combine natural or metallic textures (such as World Amsterdam or Effect Triangle Silver mosaics by L’Antic Colonial) with ceramic wood (PAR-KER® by Porcelanosa); cooler hues with warm colours; or geometric mirrors with compact furnishings made of wood, glass and metal to lend a sense of visual order to the space – and keep it tidy.

Or, you could use the same material as wall and floor tiles to unite the two. Get the uniform colour look with collections such as Indic Gris by STON-KER®, which you can use to integrate your hallway with the rest of the property, giving it that coveted limitless look.

Achieve a similar effect by combining beige or white tones with ceramic tiles in more vivid colours. Add a splash of colour to the entrance of your property with collections such as Nazari by L’Antic Colonial, with a Nasrid style design in mustard yellow. Enhance the feel of a Mozarabic ceramic mural even further with wall-mounted furnishings or long shelves for extra storage.

Charming wood and stone hallways

Organic design has been gaining ground in residential and hotel developments. It’s becoming increasingly popular to use natural stone or wood on floors and ceilings – for decorative purposes as well as building materials. Bring the ‘less is more’ maxim to life with the wood-look Linkfloor Mountain vinyl by L’Antic Colonial, the exotic Fitwall® Rolling decorative panel by KRION® or Dijon Sand by Porcelanosa. The infinite, almost join-free design of these collections makes them ideal for larger spaces.

For an even more imposing and impressive hallway you could introduce natural marble to the floor or furnishings. Some PORCELANOSA Group collections, such as Indic by Porcelanosa or Ewood Honey, replicate the veins and natural sheen of the rock, adding elegance and depth to spaces like hallways. And even more so if you complement it with white lighting, velvety textiles or plants.

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