January 25, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Trends: STRIPED wall coverings

The interior design and architecture sector in 2018 has made a strong commitment to the striped pattern through pieces and decorative elements where lines play a major role.

Avoiding the excesses of maxi-patterns, the PORCELANOSA Grupo keeps at bay the trend with wall tiles, those which stand out because of the fineness and elegance offered by their lines.  

Stripes with texture 

If we wish to highlight one of the characteristics of the stripes, then it must be the optical illusion that they offer, since they allow for the perspective which makes small atmospheres take on a different and bigger look to be combined, along with low ceilings gaining extra height.

From the firm, Porcelanosa, we have Listón Madera, a ceramic wall tile which creates a canvas of horizontal lines inspired by wood. A design which is available in: Grey, Oak and Ash in a piece of 45cmx120cm.

Listón Madera creates the illusion of texture by merging the most intense tone on its inner part and the lightest tone on the outer strip. It therefore conveys a serene, warm and relaxing atmosphere wherever it is included.

Additionally, Venis offers rough pieces which show infinite irregular lines such as the  Oporto White, Bambú Blanco and Irish wall tiles; the latter in White, Natural and Silver.

Dividing stripes

An original way of including this trend is through decorative profiles, since they become the ideal solution for both defining spaces and enhancing space angles and size. Butech, the firm specialised in building systems, develops strips or bands of different materials which eventually become decorative solutions themselves.

Additionally, the well-lit profiles and baseboards turn out to be a decorative resource which is being used increasingly when creating light beams which provide some volume, as well as a harmonious futuristic character.

Volumetric stripes

 Volumetry is one of the other trends for this season. Reliefs and stripes go hand in hand in the Skyline mosaic from L’Antic Colonial. A piece of black slate with a relief obtained through fine strips which stick out.

In the collection, one can find the Blind Dark model, in other words, a design which offers a square divided into four equal pieces where horizontal and vertical relief lines appear. A design with finer areas and others with a higher thickness than with a different inspiring finish.

Additionally, the Wave Dark model is made up of wavy lines which take up the whole piece and create an unevenness which indicates movement. This design achieves in shaping impressive spaces which break with traditional structures due to the most distinguishing and boldest style.

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