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Interior design

Interior design in hotels. Comprehensive designs by the PORCELANOSA Grupo

As with a home or a residential project, a hotel must have in its interior design a series of formulas to ensure both a warm welcome and comfort for its guests. In addition, a hotel project has an additional handicap: the daily high people traffic. Thus, this project also requires materials and high quality products that ensure both efficiency and a maximum guarantee.From both the facade and outdoor areas to the transit area, or the exquisite design of each room or suite, everything in a hotel is designed to make a guest feel at home. Apart from an elegant and unique design, which will vary depending on the style of each hotel, spaciousness has to be sought, comfort and tranquillity, as well as the equipment functionality. Because, on the one hand, it has to be useful to a guest during their brief stay, but on the other hand, it must allow the staff the possibility of quick and optimal maintenance.The roomsThe design of hotel rooms is crucial since it will be the place where clients spend more time. The space must be perfectly distributed, and promote warmth and privacy for maximum comfort for each person who stays. Aesthetically, it is advisable not to overload the space, as it must encourage that feeling of escaping from normal life and relaxation, but focusing on the strengthening of certain attraction points, through the uniqueness and elegance of the materials used.PORCELANOSA Grupo has, through firms such as Venis, textured ceramic wall tiles capable of capturing the looks and taking them to those points of attraction inside a room. Collections such as Prisma or Sea, in metallic appearance, as well as Madagascar or Newport, may assume that touch of distinction that the bed headboard lacks, either through a mirror, or at the entrance of a luxury suite.With regard to the floor tiles in the bedroom, this must be aesthetically elegant, but above all, able to stand the high traffic, as well as guaranteeing both easy-cleaning and maintenance. If you opt for the imitation wood design for that greater warmth and a more delicate sensation when walking barefoot, there is an option in ceramic floor tiles with a high level of style, like the series from Porcelanosa London, Chelsea or Chester, which include both different tones and finishes. In ceramic parquet, Venis suggests PAR-KER Rotterdam in Moka and Taupe, and it also has a big adaptability to any type of space, including the bathroom.

L’Antic Colonial, for its part, brings us both the essence and the versatility of the laminated flooring, just like the resistance and adaptability of the vinyl floor, in its Linkfloor Contract versions, in a slat format, Linkfloor Roll Contract or Linkfloor Hotel Air versions, which are both ideal in humid places.

The furniture in the rooms is another essential element in relation to  clients’ comfort when they stay at a hotel. On one hand, it must favour the storage space, and on the other hand, it must provide the client with a special and unique experience based on the technological aspect. The KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact makes it possible, by means of its capacity to be thermocurved, creating furniture designs with integrated cordless systems for charging smartphones. As well as that, the retro effect lights up the design of the furniture and it becomes more personalised and modernised, and at the same time, offering the client a stay that is both sustainable and really unique.In relation to the storage space, it is worth bearing in mind the designs by Gamadecor in both furniture and wardrobes. The options that new dimension gives to the design of the inside, as well as an ideal and practical spirit.The bathroomsTogether with the room, the bathroom plays an important role in so many ways in relation to determining both the comfort and the feeling of relaxation once inside a hotel. As well as this, it is a demanding room which needs low porosity materials that cannot only stand humidity, but define a most exquisite design. Integrating wood in the bathroom now becomes possible with Porcelanosa and its series of ceramic wall tiles, such as the Taco, Chester or the Oxford or Chelsea wooden strips. On the other hand, the acrylic stone by Systempool once again is a decisive factor in a room like a bathroom, and not only because of its versatility and wide-ranging properties, but also because of its possibility to create either endless bathroom equipment or unique collections such as ARO, Basic or Unique.

The natural stone and mosaics determine another way to create areas of special distinction in the bathroom. Done by l’Antic Colonial, it is possible to discover some exclusive projects that will undoubtedly suit this demanding space, and furthermore, make it both unique and different.

Technology and practicality regarding equipment are just some of the other characteristics to bear in mind in a hotel bathroom. Noken brings both features together in its innovative bathroom series, by including some designs such as the Hotels series, thus, reducing the space and favouring the cleaning thanks to the basins and the wall-hung sanitaryware. Furthermore, Noken shows cutting-edge technology in its taps with Urban led light; and enhances both relaxation and the comforting feeling of a nice relaxing bath by means of its bathtubs with equipment.Transit areasThe reception, the corridors, the restaurant and the other transit areas in a hotel imply the necessity of taking care of an impressive design, since they will be the areas where bigger amounts of people congregate on a daily basis. Its interior design will have to be common and homogeneous in all of the areas and it will also match with the decorative style in the rooms. These areas are highly demanding, since they are high-traffic areas where the wear and tear may be evident unless those in charge of the project opt for the most suitable materials, above all, regarding the flooring.

The firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo prepares the ideal material for both the highest resistance and durability with regard to flooring and wall tiles: the full through-body porcelain by Urbatek. Furthermore, this through-body porcelain tile makes installation easier, it has easy-to-clean properties, it is available in elegant finishes like the natural stone itself, and it has the technical features of the porcelain material. Butech, on the other hand, is also aiming at continuity by means of its micro-stuck design, a high-quality wall tile with an excellent decorative value which is perfectly suitable for the contract spaces. And if a more natural finish in the hallway or the corridors is sought after, then it is possible to bank on wood with the wall tiles from L’Antic Colonial or its authentic looking Wood Mosaics.

The exteriorsGoing beyond the interior design, in hotel architecture the trends head for the achievement of maximum energy efficiency in the façades. Meeting the energy optimisation requirements becomes possible thanks to innovative building systems of the ventilated façade which also provide the building with both splendour and a powerful design. Butech and its building solutions convey that touch of distinction and high innovation, by means of ventilated façade systems with the XLight porcelain tile or the KRION® Solid Surface.

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