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Trends in geometric mosaics: mathematical elegance as a source of inspiration

Geometry is that part of mathematics which studies the extent, the ways of measuring it, relationships among points, lines, angles, planes and figures; and how they are measured. But beyond being a basic study in the learning process of human beings, geometry is firmly introduced into the interior design, being one of the hottest trends around in 2017.

Points, lines, planes, triangles, rhombus and squares are some of the figures present today in contemporary houses, through a sober and rectilinear decoration. The most remarkable feature in this kind of trendy decoration is that it can be introduced into design projects in many ways, whether through walls, furniture, lighting or decorative complements. In addition, it is a style completely adaptable to all decorative styles, and they can be achieved by extreme colour combinations, more subtle mixes or star binomials such as black and white.

From the PORCELANOSA Grupo, we make a commitment on mathematics and the geometry part, above all, for wall tiles, through exclusive cutting-edge and quality geometric mosaics. The many geometric mosaic series by L’Antic Colonial include great decorative possibilities. They are the perfect solution for being integrateded into any space in the home or contract project.

Geometric mosaics: their origin

In its origins, the mosaic was defined as a pictorial composition made up of fragments of glass, stone or ceramic, creating a design or a colour set, figurative forms or geometric or abstract mosaics. The first geometric mosaic applications go back to the 8th century BC, when the Greeks put all their efforts into building floor tiles with pebbles, a priori, from very simple models. Soon, designs began to be developed and they began to take on more figurative character models, emulating scenes from the classic antiquity. An artistic technique that would later be inherited by the Romans, becoming a crucial part of the architectural designs.

The tradition in the decoration of space with geometric mosaics dates back to immemorial times. Since then, the designs have evolved into the mosaics we know today but sharing a common goal, which is focusing on particular decorative points. Mosaic is today the perfect tool for highlighting a particular wall, for framing a piece of furniture or drawing attention to a part of the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or dining room.

The wide aesthetic range in geometric mosaics from the PORCELANOSA Grupo

The mosaic trends provided by the PORCELANOSA Grupo include a wide series range and references done by L’Antic Colonial. From Gravity mosaics to others such as Metal, Art, Colors and Effect. With the PORCELANOSA Grupo, the design possibilities are endless, as well as enjoying high prestige and exclusivity for Premium customised spaces.

Gravity mosaics

Gravity is one of the geometric mosaics collections by L’Antic Colonial with more character. It is a series that uses aluminum as its main material, and it includes finishes in fashionable colours in interior design, such as: gold, silver and copper. Apart from those sensational finishes, Gravity mosaics also offer a particular attractive design, such as references with cubed tiles, hexagons, arrowheads or zigzag.

Another Gravity feature is that this has an exquisite irregular texture which, together with its brilliant finish, form a striking, characteristic and original mosaic. As a technical characteristic, these mosaics can be grouted and placed in wet spaces, such as the bathroom and inside the shower. Its format is 29.8x30x0.4 cm.

Metal mosaics

In the Metal mosaics collection, there are different kinds of designs with smaller or larger squares, rectangles or hexagons. As its name suggests, they are made of metal. They also include gold, steel, anthracite or rosé finishes, with different shade variations and light and shadow effects. We also highlight the 3D models from the Metal collection, like the Metal Acero Anthracite 3D Cubes and Metal Bronze 3D Cubes, in which the three dimensions are committed as innovative, attractive and differentiating elements. Its aesthetic effect is that they combine with two finishes in the tiles: matt and polished, generating that unique 3D.

Colors Mosaics

Also included in the Metal Mosaics branch of L’Antic Colonial, this Colors mosaics series is based on small hexagonal aluminum tiles with irregular diamond texture. In addition, each of the references has different shades of the same colour which prohttp://www.anticcolonial.com/serie/?tipology=50&serie=COLORSvide the mosaic with a greater visual appeal, increased in turn by the brushed effect of each of the tiles. Specifically, in this collection there are unique finishes in various shades, such as green, blue and red. Mosaics that are ideal for breaking the design and being combined with other materials and textures that are more minimalist or neutral.

Art Mosaics

In Art mosaics, triangles are the predominating geometric shape, all represented in the same format: 27x31x0.8 cm. They stand out because they are put in different shades, creating a feeling of movement and versatility. This collection, included in the Mix Mosaics series, also establishes a perfect aesthetic combination since it is made through a combination of rugged volcanic stone tiles and aluminum tiles.

Effect Mosaics

However, the Effect geometric mosaics belong to Glass Mosaics and they are featured by combining a matt finish with gloss in square tiles. These tiles offer a visual effect of irregularity because the interior design has faceted shapes, even though this piece remains smooth to touch.

The four references that make up this collection are the Effect Square Black, Caramel, Silver and White, all with classic and sophisticated colours that can achieve an integrating effect together with materials with the same shades in the rest of the space.

An endless stream of geometric mosaic designs for wall tiles that allow projects to be updated to the latest trends, making them become even more exclusive.

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