July 2, 2019

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The trend for lightly marbled surfaces in the home

When it comes to interior design trends that capture the imagination the lightly marbled surface is one of the most versatile and visually impacting. The trend combines both the classic nature of marble with a more contemporary finish. Rather than heavy darker marble options the lighter approach is fresher and feels more modern. It is also a trend that is appearing in graphics, furniture and other areas of design. What is the best way to introduce this trend into the home?

Marble is an organic material

Marble is a natural material formed by magma deep within the earth that forms into a type of granite as it cools; the veins are caused by imperfections within the stone. Elements such as clay, sand, iron oxides and other minerals which are found in different layers of the earth’s crust are integrated within the stone as it makes its way to the surface. Marble is quarried from specific locations around the world that give the different types their names. Each slab of marble is unique with its own pattern of veins.

Marble worktop

The textures of lightly veined marble make it an excellent finish within the kitchen, especially as a worktop. This bright and visually attractive surface is luminous, resistant and non porous. Properties that make it both practical and attractive for food preparation. While there are many types of marble to choose from the lightly veined varieties provide a more neutral palette that combines with other materials in the kitchen.

Speckled stone

Like marble speckled stone also provides a visually impacting finish, one that is natural and represents a material that was formed over the millennia. The range of choices with regards to colour and pattern are highly varied making speckled floor tiles a hard wearing choice for flooring in areas with heavy traffic.

The trend for lightly marbled surfaces in the home
Krion Terrazzo Antico Bianco
The trend for lightly marbled surfaces in the home
Krion Terrazzo Granite Nature
The trend for lightly marbled surfaces in the home
Krion Terrazzo Cosmos
The trend for lightly marbled surfaces in the home
Krion Terrazzo Vetro

Terrazzo flooring

Can nature be improved upon to achieve the lightly marbled effect? For lovers of terrazzo flooring the answer is a resounding yes. Terrazzo is a material first used by the Venetians during the Renaissance era. Marble chips are added to cementitious and other binding additives to create a composite material that can be poured in situ or pre-cast. The finish is generally polished and divided by metal strips that separate colours and provide expansion joints.  Terrazzo is not just suitable for flooring but also wall finishes as well as kitchen worktops, it is multipurpose material. The required terrazzo texture is achieved by selecting the size and colour of the aggregate, a genuinely limitless range of possibilities.

Suitable for anywhere in the home

The lightly marbled trend is not confined to the kitchen. Whether it be the bathroom or the entrance hall, the bedroom or the dining room lightly veined marble surfaces lend a sense of luxury, luminosity and elegance. Qualities that will never go out of fashion.


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