February 10, 2021


Foster+Partners refreshes the Tono collection by Noken with more functional bathroom pieces

Norman Foster’s architecture studio has expanded the range with new electronic taps and smart mirrors in a bid to improve sustainability and user comfort.

Improving people’s lives via digitalisation and sustainability in the bathroom. This is the main concept that  Foster + Partners has brought to the new Tono pieces. Designed exclusively for Noken (PORCELANOSA Group) in 2016, the collection has been expanded with an innovative line of I-Smart elements encompassing electronic taps and smart mirrors.“The new I-Smart pieces turn design into an important ally in our everyday lives, bringing the latest technology and comfort together throughout the home to create a more functional and enriching experience”, says a Noken representative.



More intuitive and automated pieces

Through its restrained style and minimalist aesthetic, Tono defends comprehensive bathroom design with light and functional, ultra-practical pieces such as shower head, towel rails, taps, mirrors, accessories, baths and washbasins. The concept runs through the sensor-operated bath taps and Finish Studio finishes (titanium and copper) that improve the user experience with a more intuitive design.

The shower heads are the very epitome of practical simplicity. The magnetic bracket system improves safety in the bathroom whilst offering an enhanced aesthetic, with clean and modern lines.

The same can be seen in the collection’s washbasins, with both floor-standing and wall-mounted models available.  Made in Noken Ceramic high quality ceramic, with ceramic clicker waste and overflow for use in high-traffic areas, these washbasins will add durability, resistance, hygiene and easy maintenance to any bathroom.

Also constructed in Noken Ceramic, wall-mounted toilets not only reduce water consumption (WaterForest range) – they also feature a 4.5/3 litres double flush system, helping to optimise the use of natural resources.

In terms of baths, the pieces in the collection come with support structures and a waste system with hidden overflow, offering enhanced user comfort.

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