February 8, 2022 | Updated: July 19, 2022


Tips for keeping your parquet in impeccable shape

Here are our cleaning and maintenance tips for keeping all the technical features of wood intact and extending its shelf life.

Thanks to its strength and natural composition, wood has become the material of choice in architecture. Because it's a sustainable, carbon-neutral product, installing it helps to reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality inside the home.

Parquet comes with thermal-insulating and durable properties, making it ideal for creating warm and uninterrupted rooms with an exquisite aesthetic. Whilst wood floors are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, they can be affected by sunlight, moisture, stains and blows. Next let's take a look at some cleaning tips to help you protect your floor and make sure this doesn't happen, keeping it looking as good as new.

Tips for keeping your parquet as good as new

L’Antic Colonial, a PORCELANOSA Group brand, specialises in natural materials, mosaics, ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings, and its catalogue includes some of the most exclusive wood solutions on the market. Collections such as Genova, Classic and Tortona combine the knots and stunning sheen of oak with handcrafted finishes. We've asked the experts how to make the look and qualities of wood last longer:

  • Use a doormat at the entrance to your home, that way you won't bring dirt from outside into your parquet floor.
  • Use felt pads or floor protectors on your furniture legs to stop them from scratching the floor, and don't drag anything across it.
  • If you spill any liquids or solids on the floor, clean the stain or water mark using a vacuum cleaner, mop or dry cloth.
  • We recommend using a Ph neutral cleaning solution to make sure you don't leave any mark or trace.
  • Keep your indoor temperature at around 20-23º and avoid any direct sunlight on the floor. You can use blinds to do this. They'll filter the light coming in through the window and lessen the impact of exterior light.
  • We recommend using wax or nourishing oils, as recommended by official wood manufacturers, to increase the sheen of your parquet and preserve the wood's beautiful colour.

How to clean parquet without wearing away the wood

Dry cleaning

Use a mop, bristle broom or vacuum cleaner over the wood surface. This won't damage the boards, and will protect the slats from wear and tear.

Wet cleaning

If you need to clean your wood floor with water, use RMC Soap by L'Antic Colonial - a special formulation for varnished floors - and make sure you squeeze the mop well to avoid leaving any marks.

Intensive cleaning

Give the surface of the floor a deep clean with Clean and Green Active by L'Antic Colonial. If some areas are showing signs of wear and tear, you can use Clean & Green Aqua Oil, following the manufacturer's instructions.

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