April 30, 2020


Tips to clean surfaces and protect yourself against coronavirus

Now that our work and private lives are spent at home due to the lockdown, it’s important to
establish some good hygiene and safety habits to stay healthy and limit the spread of Covid-19

In this situation, it’s a good idea to establish a daily cleaning plan for areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, which are the two most frequently used rooms and where there is the greatest risk of bacterial accumulation. They can be disinfected by closely following these steps:

  • Remove any items from the counter and clean it with warm water, soap and a cloth.
  • Start with the cleanest areas and move to the dirtiest, moving from top to bottom.
  • Wear gloves and clothing suitable for cleaning.
  • Disinfect the counter with another cloth and with specific products which will not damage the surface.
  • Thoroughly clean the joins and corners of the counter, which is where most dirt accumulates.
  • Wash your hands after disinfecting.

It’s vital to keep clean in the current health situation. Remember that it’s difficult to maintain proper hygiene with porous materials, or those which can be corroded by disinfectants. However materials like Krion, with no porosity and high resistance, offer the required level of hygiene on its surfaces. 

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