November 29, 2021


Stylish ways to combine ceramic tiles

Hydraulic tile flooring paired with plain walls, 3D wall tiles against ceramic parquet, or marble worktops with concrete textured floor tiles are all combinations guaranteed to give your home a modern edge.

Interior designers use tricks like blending smooth and rough textures, or combining warm hues with darker colours in spaces to inject them with personality. And PORCELANOSA is on the case. The vast range of products the firm offers gives you endless ways to combine wood, stone and eastern-inspired ceramics. Let’s take a look of some of these up-to-the-minute designs.

Tips for combining ceramic tiles in kitchens

White, grey and beige hues are having their moment in kitchen design. The colours make for lighter spaces, and neutral palettes are very much in line with the concept of wellbeing. One of the décor schemes we suggest is to combine hydraulic tiles with natural motifs, for example Antique Acero by PORCELANOSA with Park Acero floor tiles. This balanced play on greys works perfectly in minimalist kitchens with Nordic-style cabinets, white lacquered furniture or black taps.

Blurry Grey ceramic tiles by L’ac fall into this colour scheme. The simple rectangular tiles are perfect for creating a stunning relief wall, which you could add a worktop to, in the style of a breakfast bar table. Blending grey and white in this way is sure to add a sense of harmony to your kitchen.

If your kitchen space is integrated into your living space, you could go for an open-plan, kitchenette type arrangement with integrated units. In this design, Mediterranea Calpe Nieve or Craft ceramic tiles in Ivory (L’ac) create a striking contrast with the brown worktop that extends to the cabinets.

Craft Butterfly and Palace hydraulic tiles have been used to break the uniform colour palette. The tiles feature standout geometric motifs in white, brown and grey, offering a new take on nineteenth-century modernist ceramics.

Combining textures and tiles in the living room

Ready to give your living room a new look and make it feel more spacious? We recommend using large format, marble-inspired XTONE® pieces (Fiori di Bosco, Nuba White or Marquina Black), which work beautifully with Nordic-style sofas, velvety textiles, globe floor lamps or extending wooden tables.

If you’re looking for a more restrained look, we recommend opting for Steel Antracita porcelain stoneware or Karachi Acero wall tiles by PORCELANOSA in combination with Devon Bone ceramic parquet or Nobu Arce flooring, also from the firm. You could use white or grey sofas, metal tables and lighting, or geometric chairs to lend a sense of warmth to the scheme.

Tips for bathroom tile combinations

Using neutral colours to make your bathroom feel more spacious, or combining different tile designs, will update the look of your bathroom and make the most of the space.
If you’ve decided on a black room scheme, PORCELANOSA’s Liem Black collection, based on Marquina marble, used alongside Devon Riviera ceramic parquet flooring, makes for a natural, elegant look.

On the contrary, if you’re thinking about an all-white aesthetic, ceramic wall tiles like Marmi China by PORCELANOSA will make your room feel more natural. You could incorporate Butech’s decorative profiles to frame the wall tiles, creating a neat finish between the base and accent tiles.

If you’re looking for a more show-stopping aesthetic, the XTONE® sintered mineral compact in Emerald Green could well be the one for you. The green surface is accented by white and brown veins reminiscent of cracks. The overall result is a realistic, considered design sure to lend your bathroom a more sophisticated tone. If you decide to go for this design, we recommend pairing it with lighter flooring, black washbasins and gold taps.

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