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How to choose the best shower tray for the bathroom

The Noken bathroom company in the PORCELANOSA Group designs a range of sustainable shower trays whose recycled composition helps reduce marine waste and deforestation.

The evolution of design and the influence that this discipline exerts on people's way of life and the social transformation is fundamental to understanding the changes taking place and the new approaches being adopted in the home.

The health emergency caused by Covid-19 led people to rethink the way we use our homes and highlighted the importance of creatingspacious, multipurpose rooms with hygiene, cross ventilation and natural light as fundamental requirements. These qualities are also desirable in bathrooms,which played a prominent role during lockdown because of the health protocols introduced to curb the spread of coronavirus: hand hygiene, bathroom disinfection with soap and water or bleach and constant ventilation of the room.

In view of this new scenario in which prudence and caution play such an important role, it is more necessary than ever to reformulate the structure and use of the bathroom with more resistant, sustainable and healthy materials. This is the starting point established by the Noken bathroom equipment company in the PORCELANOSA Group for the study and development of its Mineral Stone and Light Stone shower trays, two new lines that comply with the "three Rs" rule: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, which are part of the WaterForest programme.


Made-to-measure sustainable shower trays

Mineral Stone

The shower trays Slate from Mineral Stone are made of a natural calcium carbonate mass from the white marble quarries together with recycled products. Theshower trays promote responsible consumption and help reduce environmental impact and damage to marine environments by reusing bioderivative products.

Slate 10086 shower tray by Noken
Slate 10251 Blue shower tray by Noken
Slate 11410 shower tray by Noken

This series can be customised by reproducing the appearance ofwood, cement or stone with more realistic finishes thanks to UV-LED ink digital printing technology.

In addition to being sustainable, the CustomCUT system provides a customised cut for each project and contributes to the durability of the units, which are highly resistant to heat and impact. As the shower trays are antibacterial and non-slip, hygiene is improved and the bathroom remains intact for longer.

Light Stone

The nucleus of the Zen Light Stone Series is made up of a recycled compact flax fibre core, replacing wood with an ecological alternative that helps to combat deforestation. This series is characterised by its lightness, resistance and easy installation.

FAQs regarding shower trays

The best shower tray is one that is unaffected by humidity or continuous use and makes the bathroom more habitable. These features characterise Noken's shower trays, which you can find in your nearest Porcelanosa store. You can find yours here.

Noken shower trays with the "Waterforest" label are made using eco-friendly material that guarantees respect for biodiversity and the environment. Each shower tray made by the firm can be adapted to the needs of different projects thanks to its multiple formats and finishes. You can also find shower trays with porcelain and natural stone surfaces in the PORCELANOSA Group catalogues.

Noken shower trays adapt to any project and there are no predetermined sizes. This is possible thanks to the CustomCUT system, a customised cutting service in which the design is adapted to the space and not the other way around.

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