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Timeless kitchen: design and layout tips

The following article explores all the ways we can create a timeless kitchen. Step by step, we will walk you through the design process, providing you with everything you’ll need to know. From kitchen layout to decorating, finishes, furniture, accessories and lighting.


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Design tips

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Timeless kitchen design

It would be a mistake to think of kitchens as merely a collection of cabinets and appliances in which we prepare meals. The kitchen is the sum of its parts, so we should consider the total package when redecorating or building one.

Timeless kitchen design

What is a timeless kitchen?

The timeless kitchen is one that will not go out of fashion after a few years, will have the broadest design appeal and represents the best value for money. Why? Because the timeless kitchen will stand the test of time. The clue is in the name! The timeless kitchen adds value to a home, creates a warm and vibrant environment and looks the business.

Tips for designing a timeless kitchen

Generally speaking, spending more money on better quality finishes and fixtures helps achieve a timeless kitchen. Natural and organic finishes – like stone, porcelain, wood and metal – are more likely to stand the test of time.

We recommend taking your time with the design, not being in too much of a rush. Gather some images and references to help inspire the look you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to personalise with some elements but, on the whole, it’s advisable to keep the basic stuff neutral, in design and colour.


1. Colour palette of the timeless kitchen

It’s best to avoid trending colour schemes when creating a kitchen décor. That also goes for fixtures and appliances. You don’t have to abandon colour altogether, on the contrary. It just means confining them to easily replaceable elements. Accessories, wallpaper, utensils, decorative objects and soft furnishings can reflect more personal tastes. On the whole, the following tips will help keep the décor looking fresh:

  • For a classic kitchen look, white, off-white, greys, and soft pastel shades are excellent choices.
  • Black is timeless and, if handled correctly, will stand the test of time. Important to lighten with other elements and have lots of natural light available in the kitchen for black to work.
  • Be more adventurous with wallpaper and painted walls, anything that can be changed easily.
  • Reflective colours and surfaces are recommended to maximise the quality of light.


MyMoodboard - Timeless Kitchen

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2. Timeless kitchen layout

There are numerous tried and tested kitchen designs to choose from. Galley kitchens, L-shaped kitchens, and U-shaped kitchens are just a few examples. However, what makes a kitchen timeless in terms of its layout is the container into which it is placed. The following list provides an overview of the qualities that make a timeless kitchen:

  • Natural light. Maximise as much as possible and connect with the exterior if your home layout allows.
  • Open plan. Whatever the preferred kitchen layout, the sense of spaciousness contributes to the timeless quality. Remove any partitions that could help open up the space to a dining room, a separate pantry, or a living area.
  • The work triangle. The relationship between storing, cooking and cleaning food must be optimal.
  • Location. For the UK kitchen, the ideal orientation is east facing, which allows in the morning sun. If possible, add a skylight to capture the evening sun, especially if there is a dining area.


3. Timeless kitchen tiles, flooring and walls 

More so than any other room in the home, the kitchen floor must withstand plenty of abuse. Timeless kitchen floor and wall finishes must be resistant to wear and tear, stains and humidity.

Because of its resistance to spills, porcelain is ideal for kitchen floor tiles. Furthermore, since it is a denser and less porous material, it always looks brand new after cleaning. Similarly, porcelain, ceramic, metal, and glass are practical kitchen wall tile options that withstand repeated cleaning.



Tiles generally will help guarantee a backsplash that looks good through the years.

Remember that a timeless kitchen must be long-lasting, so a quality tile in a simple geometric pattern will always be a feature. Similarly, classic kitchen tiles like the metro tile or subway tile never look old. However, it’s best to avoid glass or highly coloured metro tile options.




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4. Timeless kitchen cabinet design

The trick with kitchen cabinets and doors is to get the colour and the design right. The following recommendations will help achieve the timeless look:

  • Doors with simple panelling or flat cabinet doors tend to look less dated over time. The added bonus is that grease, dust and grime have fewer places to collect.
  • For wall cabinets, a glass insert will not only add volume and dimension to the kitchen but works with all styles and always looks good.
  • Wood is generally a safe bet for timeless cabinet doors.
  • Handles that have a vintage or retro feel are guaranteed to look just as good in 10 years as they do now.
  • Having sufficient storage is essential to the timeless kitchen, avoiding clutter never goes out of style.


Timeless kitchen cabinet design

E4.40 Limo Mate / Roble Puro / Cristal Transparente


5. Fixtures, fittings and appliances for the timeless kitchen

The latest appliances can sometimes age a kitchen décor over time, so it’s best to avoid anything too obviously new. Integrated appliances and classic fixtures will always be on-trend. Accessories, such as taps, also play a role in creating the timeless kitchen. The following tips are a sure-fire way to get the timeless look:

  • An apron or Belfast sink has a classic look and is remarkably functional.
  • Because they are fully or partially concealed, integrated fridges will not age the kitchen, unlike freestanding ones. 
  • An old-fashioned range like the AGA style will always look smart and on-trend, no matter what style décor you choose.
  • Door ironmongery, cabinet handles and kitchen taps all contribute to a timeless feel. Classic designs work best and provide a dramatic accent to a more sober layout.


6. Timeless kitchen worktops

Natural and organic finishes represent the best options for kitchen worktops over time. Here are a few of the more well-known examples.

Stone kitchen worktops

Stone kitchen worktops

Natural stones like granite and quartz actually improve in looks over time. However, some natural stones, such as limestone and marble, require sealing to prevent staining. The solution to this problem is porcelain worktops, which combines the visual benefits of natural stone with the technical properties of ceramics.

Wooden kitchen worktops

Wooden kitchen worktops

Timber is never out of style. The traditional butcher’s block is both durable and functional. It does, however, necessitate routine maintenance, such as protective sanding and varnishing every few years. Select one that is appropriate for food preparation.


  • Opt for an established kitchen configuration, such as the galley, L shape or U shape, always based on the classic work triangle.
  • Add a simple cabinet door design, one that is not too fussy.
  • Choose natural stone, timber or another superior quality material for the worktop.
  • Spend extra on flooring and wall finishes that will withstand wear and tear.
  • Mix and match modern and vintage elements of furniture and decoration.
  • Lighting should not be an afterthought. The timeless kitchen should feature several sources of light. Central lighting, task lighting and decorative flourishes must be integrated.

Yes. Grey is one of those colours, like white, that will never look dated. Grey is a neutral colour that allows great scope for individual expression. A darker grey, such as anthracite, is worlds apart from a lighter grey, but both suggest elegance and timeless décor.

Black is a visually impacting choice for the kitchen cabinets. In addition, it is a colour that never goes out of fashion. However, black must be used with caution, and not every kitchen is suitable for it. Black requires a lot of natural light in the kitchen to work well.

White is the most popular colour for creating a timeless kitchen. It's a bright, hygienic, and versatile option that's been the top choice in UK kitchens for decades. White never looks dated or old fashioned; it is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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