June 10, 2014 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Through-body porcelain by Urbatek, now in a grooved version

Urbatek has extended its range of through-body porcelain with grooved versions for pretty much all of its collections, in a 29.7×59.6cm format, adapting to the aesthetic needs and the technical requirements of the most demanding projects.

Flooring and covering versions are both available. In addition to its aesthetic element, this finish makes these porcelain pieces more anti-slip resistant so they can be used in wet areas such as swimming-pools or spas and all other types of spaces with special anti-slip requirements.

Regarding its aesthetic feature, the grooves can create stylish geometric shapes and, at the same time, avoid any disadvantages to working with narrow pieces as the installation process is simplified. This feature is crucial in challenging projects as it saves time and money during the placing process.

This option also reduces the number of joints needed in Urbatek through-body flooring and covering collections, facilitating its cleaning and replacement.

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