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The thermostatic shower

The restorative powers of a shower is one of life’s joys. Whether it be first thing in the morning, last thing at night or during the day the sensation of falling water over the skin is pure sensory delight. With the arrival of the thermostatic shower technology has refined the art of showering with a user friendly and sustainable product that is not only more intuitive but more economical in use and better for the environment.

thermostatic taps
Touch&Feel technology for showers by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms

What is a thermostatic shower

The thermostatic shower is a valve that provides precise control over the water temperature and rate of flow. Safety features include an anti-scald function which cuts off the hot water supply if it reaches 38° C or more which is particularly important for young children. The desired temperature is pre-set and even though other taps are opened, or WCs are flushed within the house, this regular temperature is maintained. The valve consists of four elements that allow for the control over the flow rate and selecting the desired temperature manually; thermostatic element, piston, return spring and temperature control.

Thermostatic bath taps

The thermostatic bath mixer like the shower mixer is a reliable method of ensuring safety and economy. The technology allows for the desired temperature of the water to be achieved within seconds thus preventing unnecessary water wastage.

thermostatic shower
Tec Round shower column by Noken

How to install a thermostatic shower mixer: on view or concealed

There are two options, to conceal the workings of the thermostatic shower or to have the mechanism on view. This is a subjective choice but unless the shower has a recess available to house the valve then the valve will have to be mounted on the shower wall.  There are however many elegant designs to choose from that can be an attractive addition to the bathroom as well as being easier to maintain.

Single lever mixer versus the single lever thermostatic shower mixer

Traditionally the single lever shower mixer was the most popular choice of shower mechanism. However its disadvantages, i.e. lack of accurate temperature control, flux in temperature and the additional time required to reach the desired water temperature make it unsuitable for certain situations. However the alternative single lever thermostatic shower mixer provides the manual control element with all the technology of the thermostatic valve.

thermostatic shower
Pure Line thermostatic tap by Noken

Elegant design meets high-tech performance

The Porcelanosa range of thermostatic taps combines elegance with performance. World renowned design studios including the Norman Foster & Partners have created collections such as the Tono range for Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms that include the thermostatic control feature. Tono is a complete collection of bath, shower and washbasin taps that balance form and function expertly. Or the Tec Round line of taps with its minimalist rounded profile and lever control that makes a powerful design statement in the bathroom. The Pure Line collection is a range of taps including an intuitive push button action and refined silhouette. And for fans of robust, geometric design the Tec Square collection is inspired by a cubic aesthetic.

thermostatic shower
Tono shower column by Noken. A design from Foster+Partners

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