July 27, 2017 | Updated: January 8, 2020


The Residence collection: craftsmanship and authenticity through the new series of laminate flooring by l’Antic Colonial

L’Antic Colonial, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo specialised in the treatment of natural materials, presents six new designs in the Residence collection. A sophisticated collection which is able to provide any room with the natural beauty of natural wood thanks to the versatility and easy installation of this type of flooring.

This wonderfully designed laminate flooring and easy-to-maintain properties already had 8 models to which different tones are added. From darker colours, which are ideal for creating an atmosphere of contrast, such as Idaho; to other lighter ones which convey a bigger feeling of spaciousness and brightness, such as Utah. Furthermore, the Misuri and Nevada models also offer brown colours, with dark greyish colour tones. Last, but not least, Arizona has a light greyish colour, which results in being perfect for creating an urban-styled space, with an industrial touch.

Oblique cuts which enhance the size of the slats

Except for the Nogal model, these laminate models are provided with a 4mm bevel which creates oblique cuts on each of the slat’s edges, therefore, making the size of the slats stand out. This type of wood installation turns out to be an ideal resource when creating an atmosphere where craftwork and authenticity are a must in a minimal and exclusive way.

Apart from its aesthetic performance, it is worth highlighting that the laminate flooring is characterised by its outstanding resistance, which is especially high against abrasion. It is also resistant to knocks, pressure, scratching, cigarette burns and even to ultraviolet light. Thanks to the high-protection layer, the laminate flooring provides a high-level of toughness, durability and inalterability, which are all ideal for demanding spaces.

The same format for different finishes

It is in all these new references that a natural finish inspired by the surface of wood is used. Also, the Nogal model is the only one which has a different finish, in other words, Life, which is similar to brushed wood in appearance. Regarding the format, both the previous references and the latter have the same size: 19,3 x 138 x 0,8 cm.

Last, but not least, it is worth highlighting that all the models in the Residence collection are provided with the Quick-Lock advanced system by L’Antic Colonial, meaning, an installation system that allows for the slats to be attached in a cleaner and quicker way.

Thanks to its technical features and easy-to-install properties, Residence is a laminate flooring which turns out to be ideal for private and commercial spaces; since apart from the functional performance such as the quality and innovation, it also offers a wide range of tones and elegant designs, aesthetically speaking.

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