November 29, 2018


The PORCELANOSA Group has expanded its presence in Russia

The GallaDecor and Artisan Tile House will open their showrooms for the first time on November 23rd and 29th, 2018, respectively.

The PORCELANOSA Group’s latest designs will be showcased in these two spaces.  

The PORCELANOSA Group will finish the year off by strengthening its presence in Russia with two new areas located in their distribution partners’ stores: in GallaDecor (Surgut) and Artisan Tile House (Moscow).

The new showroom in Surgut

On November 23rd, the new space from the PORCELANOSA Group was opened in the Russian town of Surgut by GallaDecor. This firm, which has promising future prospects in the design sector, will take PORCELANOSA’s latest designs to the professionals in a strategic area in Western Siberia.

Some fifty guests attended the event where, Victor Mora, the PORCELANOSA Group representative, presented the CEO from the showroom with a certificate which legitimises the integration of both companies.

GallaDecor is not only characterised by the attention to small details and outstanding work, but also by the constant search for innovation as far as the production and the design of the most unique materials are concerned.

The new place in Moscow

Today, November 29th, the Artisan Tile House is celebrating its opening event. Around 100 people related to the architecture and design sector, as well as local representatives of the mainstream media, will take part in the presentation.

This new room covers an area which is bigger than 300 square metres and it is located in the vicinity of the Russian capital centre. It is in that room where one can find the latest and most important designs and integral solutions from the eight firms.

The central core of the exhibition is focused on a space which is aimed at showing the numerous possibilities from KRIONTM: the state-of-the-art mineral compact. A malleable material which, is perfectly suitable for creating jointless surfaces, as well as a wide range of creative and technical properties.

Artisan, which was founded at the end of the nineties, is one of the main distributors of ceramic tiles in Russia, making it the market leader in building materials.


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