December 29, 2015 | Updated: December 12, 2019


The New collection of Amsterdam limestones by L’Antic Colonial. Elegance done in stone

PORCELANOSA Grupo firm, L’Antic Colonial, brings its latest products for 2016 forward to us by way of the presentation of its new collection of floor tiles and wall tiles in limestone natural stone. By following the trends and taking the lead in interior designs, in its catalogue, the firm includes three new limestone formats which completely break with the established standards: Amsterdam 2D Hexagon; Amsterdam Wall BPT; and Amsterdam BPT.

In all its versions, the Amsterdam collection by L’Antic Colonial is a series of floor and wall tiles characterised by elegance and sophistication, as well as by the pleasure of experiencing unique quality which just the natural stone is able to offer.

Amsterdam 2D Hexagon: stony geometry

Based on geometry, the Amsterdam 2D Hexagon turns out to be a different concept of a six-sided-polygon-shaped natural stone wall tile which stands out because of its elegance and exclusiveness. This natural stone model is used both in interiors and exteriors and it is presented in a 17,9×17,9 cm versatile hexagonal format. Furthermore, its 2D effect uneven inclination is highly unique, since the stone creates a real amazing ‘scale appearance’. Owing to its aesthetics and high quality, this stone turns out to be the suitable material for installing in any interior wall tiling, a lounge, a bedroom or even a bathroom, resulting in being ideal for demanding wet areas such as showers. With an elegant style, full of avant-garde, it provides any atmosphere where it is installed, with modernity. The Amsterdam 2D Hexagon is available in two colours: the Amsterdam 2D Hexagon Beige BPT, in a very warm refined beige tone; and the Amsterdam 2D Hexagon Grey BPT, in a stony grey which provides distinction and fineness.

Amsterdam Wall: demanding atmospheres

On the other hand, the Amsterdam Wall by L’Antic Colonial shows us the limestone in a rectangular format, placing 55, 40 and 25cm long pieces among pieces with a regular width of 10cm and 1,24 cm thick. Its use is not just exclusive for wall tiling, but it can be installed on floors, both interior and exterior. In addition to this, the Amsterdam Wall is a material in versatile natural stone, since it can be also included in wet areas or around a fireplace. As far as flooring installation is concerned, the Amsterdam Wall has a firm resistance regarding medium-traffic flooring, both in private and public fields. The same as the Amsterdam 2D Hexagon, the Amsterdam Wall is available in two colour tones: the Amsterdam Wall Grey BPT and the Amsterdam Wall Beige BPT.

Amsterdam: high-traffic flooring

Together with the previous limestone models, L’Antic Colonial presents a double version of the Amsterdam series: the Amsterdam Beige BPT; and the Amsterdam Grey BPT. This stone model is more standard, in a 40x80cm format, but it has the same technical features as the previous models. Nevertheless, it widens the range of options. Apart from being able to be installed in the same places like the Amsterdam Wall, the Amsterdam Grey and Beige natural stone can cover a swimming pool’s surrounding areas, spas or high-traffic floors. Quality and avant-garde in its purest form.

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