July 6, 2015 | Updated: December 12, 2019


The “mecanismo” studio develops the “capsule” concept for bathrooms made with Krion

The material and structural characteristics of Krion® have taken the team of “mecanismo” architecture studio to make use of the PORCELANOSA Groups’s solid surface for the development of an innovative formula with regard to bathroom building. In other words, it is the “capsule” concept, consisting of an envelope or continuous membrane that defines spatial volume.

Thanks to the technical properties of Krion®, Pedro Rica and Marta Urtasun’s studio has managed to make the “capsule” concept a reality, by achieving a continuous surface that allows the curved formation without any joints. All of that, together with the absence of porosity in the solid surface, which results in a waterproof surface with highly hygienic anti-bacterial properties.

Therefore, the capsule with Krion® was ideal for bathrooms, and turned out to be the solution for the creation of three bathrooms for small children in a single-family home recently designed by the “mecanismo” studio. In them, all elements, surfaces, bathtubs, showers, washbasins, furniture and even the windows are made with the solid surface. Furthermore, white surfaces have been combined with coloured sheets of Krion®, thus providing the project with dynamism and freshness. This project has counted on the experience of the “KumaEstructuras” transformer company.

In addition to that, the Krion® solid surface has been used for the creation of an elegant free standing washbasin, installed in the guest bathroom, and it gives the space a unique touch. Since the space is limited in the bathroom, elements which make hand-washing different were opted for in relation to soaping-up, rinsing and dryingonesself possible, all of this in one single piece.

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