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The marble bathroom, never out of style

There are some materials used for interior design that seem destined to serve their applications, like a fabric upholstered sofa, glass chandelier or ceramic sanitary ware. Marble in the bathroom is such an example, a noble material that evokes the beauty and grandeur of Mother Nature. Smooth, cool to the touch and resistant to moisture marble lends style and elegance to bathroom spaces. Marble bathroom ideas include wall cladding, flooring and even sanitary ware like sinks and bath tubs. Whether it be marble tiles or panels, buff or polished marble and water are wonderful together.

Of the Earth

Marble is formed on the earth’s crust when limestone is exposed to high temperatures and pressures to become a metamorphic rock. Its unique characteristics have inspired architects, artists and designers since ancient times. Marble is categorised according to its colour, veining and geographical origin.

Suitable for wall cladding and flooring

As an organic material the marble bathroom is not limited to vertical or horizontal surfaces but is rather entirely versatile. Its patina makes marble ideal for creating a wrap around enclosure. The bathroom marble wall tile can be used to clad the shower enclosure or it can form a perimeter dado or wainscot with a profiled crown moulding. Bathroom floor tiles can be buff or highly polished for a reflective finish that can visually enlarge a small space. While marble flooring lends the larger bathroom a sophisticated spaciousness. For more limited budgets or where light weight partitions are used to form the bathroom walls marble tiles effect is another way of achieving the same result. Modern technology is capable of capturing the essence and grandeur of marble combining it with the advantages of ceramic.

Texture and grain

With its subtleties of colour and veining no two slabs of marble are identical which makes it a visually captivating material. Broadly speaking white marble which is normally slightly speckled or veined is the most commonly used colour for interiors. A white marble bathroom can provide a luminous décor that is ideal where there may be limited natural light. The black marble bathroom on the other hand evokes style and classic elegance. While the grey marble bathroom is an intermediate option that is both luminous and stylish depending on the right tone of grey. The Carrara marble bathroom is a great example, its grey veins place in into the grey/white end of the spectrum with a fascinating striated pattern.

FAQs regarding using marble in the bathroom
Is marble good for bathroom?

Marble is hard wearing, is easy to clean and involves little maintenance so it is both a practical and aesthetic choice.

Is Marble OK in shower?

Yes however caution is required for the shower tray which will require some anti-slip treatment if a marble shower tray is used.

Is Marble waterproof?

For all intents are purposes yes, however some stones such as quartz are less porous than marble. But for the domestic bathroom it’s not an issue.

Is marble slippery for bathroom flooring?

It can be and care should be taken on highly polished floors, floor mats or sections of non-slip tiles are recommended next to bathtubs and showers.

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