June 6, 2016 | Updated: December 11, 2019

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The 9th PORCELANOSA Grupo Awards Finalists: Xiang Sun in Professionals Forward-Looking Projects

We begin our review of the finalists at the 9th PORCELANOSA Grupo Architecture and Interior Design Awards by taking a look at the Professionals Forward-Looking Projects category. We want to present the Escape project, presented by Xiang Sun from the Cocomascoco studio.

Xiang Sun proposes a unique concept-store. A commercial experience that combines a fashion store with a restaurant in an honourable way.

The project brings five heights together, and is presented as a kind of interior forest, that it is capable of capturing the feeling of the warm spring light escaping through the foliage. A commercial project in which the existing building with protected facade is the main attraction, favouring a new dialogue in its own internal structure, but subtly connecting with the outside.

In Escape, the spaces are diaphanous, prepared areas for escaping from the madness on the outside. However, its main activity is commercial, except on the rooftop where the restaurant is located.

That simplicity and minimalism is accentuated by the use of materials and products from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, which also provide the project with its great design and quality. The use of the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral stands out, and furthermore, whose vanguard design covers the roofs with vibrant shapes. Its ability to be thermocurved and backlit make the light take the leading role in this concept store, both the natural one which is entered through grids and defined with KRION®, as well as the artificial one, through lamps and vertical decorative panels backlit by LED technology.

The white colour’s sobriety is perfectly complemented with delicate veining found on both the floor and wall tiles, and this carried out by the Carrara porcelain model from Porcelanosa. A project, which is both elegant and classical-contemporary. Xiang Sun is committed to white clarity in other coatings such as the wall tiles from Porcelanosa Oxo Deco, inspired by the leaves from the trees.

Another material that could not be left out in this natural spirit project is wood. This is represented in Escape in all the interior wall tiles of the project, through the Wood Brick Antique mosaic from L’Antic Colonial. Since they are more demanding spaces, wood has been opted for on the ground floor and in the bathroom, together with inspired ceramic projects such as the Ascot Olivo series from Porcelanosa, or the natural Misuri from Venis, respectively.

For the roof terrace, where the restaurant is, Xiang Sun opted for the linkfloor Styledeck Plus Dark resistance from L’Antic Colonial, all versatility and style.

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