June 20, 2016 | Updated: December 11, 2019

Architecture awards

The 9th PORCELANOSA Grupo Award Finalists: Industrial revival by Edgar Gómez regarding Forward-looking Projects in the Students’ category

Recovering and providing an old factory with a new use was the idea which inspired the student, Edgar Gómez Eguren, to carry out his project. A concept-store which has been a finalist at the 9th PORCELANOSA Architecture and Interior Design Awards in the category of Forward-looking Projects-Students section. The design was meant to be presented as a unique opportunity of restoration under the reconstruction of an ancient building into a complete contemporary and renovated space.

Its historical value and authenticity would remain unaffected, by means of the box and iron structure together with its smelting upkeep, as well as almost the entire brick facing. The project would be defined through the preservation of those ancient structures, two types of different spaces, with up to three different uses.

Edgar Gómez Eguren, a student at the Madrid Professional College of New Technologies, CICE, considered an aesthetic contrast blended into a classical-modern style, by making use of and including the most avant-garde PORCELANOSA Grupo ‘s materials in its concept-store.

In fact, the material used in order to revive the large self-supporting piece of furniture, which was installed to strongly define spaces, was the state-of-the-art KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact. The piece of furniture allows for the distinction between a ‘back’ and a ‘front’, in other words, two elegant modern spaces but at the same time, very different from one and other.

The ‘back’, also known as the back area of the furniture, turns out to be a cosy space, aimed at privacy and some peace and quiet. It has been specifically designed for reading and enjoying a book, having a nice glass of wine or enjoying some intimate time. In order to enhance that privacy, KRION® in a black colour was used, in combination with the brick walls’ own texture. In addition to this, a fine subtle lighting was also used. It consisted of leds hidden in the same furniture structure, as well as exceptional light spots above the tables and shelves.

The ‘front’ or the front side of the furniture is laid out as a big square, that is to say, a meeting point where different uses take place.

It is in this area where it is worth highlighting the use of the acrylic stone in its purest version, the 1100 Snow White, which enhances both brightness and spaciousness. Furthermore, its clearness contrasts with the recovered materials, thus providing this central module with a masterfully renovated industrial touch.

With regard to the flooring, the choice was a modulated rectified porcelain tile, which was installed in the shape of triangular polygons, which are able to achieve space uniformity and dynamism. Its finish was the anthracite grey colour by Porcelanosa, whose cement appearance intensifies the industrial origin of the project even more.

The Solid Surface by Systempool is also highlighted in the other two spaces of the concept-store: the bathroom and the kitchen. On one hand, in the kitchen, the KRION® Snow White perfectly intermingles with the rustic-elegant style of the Metal Bronze 3D Cubes metal effect mosaic wall tile by L’Antic Colonial, whilst on the other hand, in the  bathroom, it combines with the stone geometrical minimal effect basins from the Premium Collection. Purity and naturalness strongly linked to personality and character.

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