March 16, 2016 | Updated: December 12, 2019

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The 9th Porcelanosa Awards Jury: Ramón Esteve

We continue our review of the jury members for the 9th Architecture and Interior Design PORCELANOSA Grupo Awards. Today we focus on the famous Valencian architect, Ramón Esteve, who will share verdicts with Julio Touza, from Touza Arquitectos; Jean Jacques Ory, from ORY Studios d’Architecture ORY & Associés; Scott Ziegler from Ziegler Cooper Architects; and Ariane Steinbeck, RPW Design CEO.

Ramón Esteve graduated in Architecture from the School of Madrid in 1990. A year later, he founded the Ramón Esteve Architecture Studio, from where he articulates “places you want to live,” as he ratifies in its motto and essence. Harmony, serenity and essentiality are some of the premises on which it is based with regard to creating spaces, from the most ambitious projects of architecture and interior design, to other unique challenges related to industrial design and art direction, both nationally and internationally.

Relying on a large multidisciplinary team of professionals, Ramón Esteve is capable of giving life to something that goes beyond architecture itself. With the great commitment to materializing an idea, the Valencian architect creates projects with uniqueness and character. The result: the generation of environments with an involving atmosphere capable of giving rise to unique experiences. In its portfolio, Ramón Esteve confirms his extensive experience in public work: health, education and cultural; private and public buildings, offices, banks, leisure; hotels and restaurants interior design; commercial premises or ephemeral architecture facilities. Additionally, he is a renowned architect regarding the materialization of exclusive single-family housing projects, as well as product design. Luxury and exclusivity in design led him to collaborate with prestigious firms such as PORCELANOSA Grupo; Vondom; Inclass; Vibia; Joquer or Gandia Blasco.

Trying to convey his philosophy of creating unique places, Ramón Esteve has also developed professionally in the field of teaching. Since 2005, he has taught at the School of Architecture at the Universitat Politècnica de València. Since 2012, he has also provided training in the residential design projects area from the Interior Design Master at the Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU. In addition, Ramón Esteve boosts the direct contact of architecture as art through his participation in workshops and conferences on architecture and design.

His background, his own style and personality in dozens of projects have led Ramón Esteve to be recognized through several awards and prizes. Among them, it is worth highlighting the First COACV 2011-2013 Interior Architecture Award in the category of Interior Design by Chapeau Tienda Multimarca; the 2013 Grupo Vía Architecture Plus Award for the CEAM Sant Rafael in Ontinyent, and the 2011 European Hotel Design Awards for the NH Tepa Palace in the category of Best Hotel Restructuring Project, among others. He has also published two monographs: “Ramón Esteve. From the Architecture”; and “Ramon Esteve Architecture/ Design”.

Find out more about this architect in the 9th Architecture and Interior Design PORCELANOSA Grupo Awards, in which you can participate in the Future Projects and Completed Projects, until next April 4.

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