August 18, 2015 | Updated: December 16, 2019

Architecture awards

The 8th Porcelanosa Awards finalists: Carlos Sánchez, Andrés López and Sevak Asatryan, in Forward-looking projects

Our review starts with the projects which have been selected as finalists in the Forward-looking projects section of the latest edition of the Architecture and Interior Design Awards , organised by PORCELANOSA Grupo, and with the aim of designing the main rooms of a Rodman yacht by making use of materials from the firm.

Carlos Sánchez, Andrés López and Sevak Asatryan, all students at the School of Architecture  in Valencia, rose to the challenge under the concept of dynamism in sailing by means of designing both a comfortable and exclusive inside.

As a stimulating trip for the senses, candidates understand sailing as energy and progress, where every architectural element evolves hand in hand with movement.

Experiencing sailing as something that is alive turns out to be the concept given to the proposed design, dominated by undulating shapes in architecture The projected furniture, made of KRION® solid surface as the main material, makes the most of its plastic properties as well as its endless versatility, which makes this solid surface capable of bringing any idea to life.

The inside of the yacht is designed in a two-coloured palette in white and wood, and it is achieved by a lighting which boosts light and continuity in the spaces when positioned among the Solid Surface joints.

Inside this ensemble, it is worth highlighting materials made of natural stone   , such as Arctic White marble in a Pulido finish, and natural wood  laminate flooring by L’Antic Colonial.

The sinuous basin taps, such as the imagine series by Noken, and round-shaped basins, like the Lounge floor-standing basin, both of them by PORCELANOSA Grupo bathroom equipment,  provide the design of the bathrooms with a strong avant-garde style, dominated by pure white colour tiling walls and floors in round shapes and a set of perfect visual perspectives.

A design, which is clearly represented by the highest formal dynamism.

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