November 28, 2013 | Updated: December 31, 2019

Architecture awards

The 7th edition of the Architecture and Interior Design Awards (2014)

One year has gone by and, PORCELANOSA Group, once again, shall hold its Architecture and Interior Design awards, opening a window of imagination for the participants who can present their most innovating projects and proposals.

These awards are becoming more and more relevant as the years go by as a result of the number of applicants and the quality of the projects presented. There are two categories: forward-looking projects with a section for students and professionals, and completed projects.

In this seventh edition, the participants in the forward-looking category shall have to elaborate a 600 square metre Porcelanosa shop proposal located in the commercial area of a big city. The establishment shall have an exhibition space for the products, a work area for professionals and a small cafeteria for the clients with a Gamadecor open kitchen among other facilities.

The completed project category shall include real projects that have been completed between January 2012 and February 2014, and have used materials from PORCELANOSA Group whatever its nature, ranging from public spaces to commercial establishments or private homes.

The presentation period deadline is on the 14th April 2014

Just like every edition, the jury shall be composed of internationally renowned interior designers, designers and architects. Among them shall be Olivier Lapidus, from Création Olivier Lapidus; Francesc Rifé, from the Francesc Rifé Studio; Héctor Ruiz Velázquez, from RuizVelázquez-Architecture and Design and Raquel Chamorro, from the Raquel Chamorro studio.

The architecture and interior design promotion aims to improve the sector on an international scale and encourage new talents in aforesaid areas. In past editions the jury was made up of renowned professionals such as Rafael de La-Hoz, Clodagh, Joaquín Torres, Tomás Alía, Ignacio García de Vinuesa, Teresa Sapey, Fran Silvestre, Carlos Lamela, Pascua Ortega and Benedetta Tagliabue.

As other editions, all subscriptions must be made online on the webpage If you are interested in taking part, you can download the competition rules here. For more information, please contact PORCELANOSA Group stores.

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