August 12, 2014 | Updated: December 16, 2019


The 6 most surprising natural stone bathtubs by L’Antic Colonial

L’Antic Colonial has managed to sculpt some of its most beautiful bathtubs from natural stone, which will surely revolutionise the design of bathtubs through the use of this classic and timeless material. Below, we will present the six most surprising designs by the PORCEANOSA Group firm specialised in natural products.

Future: design and cutting edge for bathrooms

With an asymmetrical format which breaks the mould of traditional design, the Future bathtub is ahead of its time as an ideal solution for creating spaces which are cutting edge and different. Created from marble,  L’Antic Colonial’s Future bathtub is available in various finishes and materials: Blanco Athenas Classico, Caliza Moka Classico, Moka Classico and Negro Marquina Classico.

Khoa: the perfect balance between classicism and modernity

L’Antic Colonial adds an exclusive touch to the traditional design of natural stone bathtubs, opting for the fusion of straight lines with rounded edges. Khoa redifines classic forms and is offered in different options: Blanco Athenas Classico, Caliza Moka Classico, Moka Classico and Negro Marquina Classico.

Pure sensuality in the bathroom with the Samara bath

Samara is the perfect option for lovers of suggestive forms. The attractive oval format of this natural stone bathtub brings a comfortable and elegant style to the bathroom. Blanco Athenas Classico, Caliza Moka Classico, Moka Classico and Negro Marquina Classico are the finishes available for this bathtub.

Spirit: fusion of the A-cero spirit with the L’Antic Colonial philosophy

The A-cero studio conveys its personal concept of bathtub design with the Spirit collection, where straight lines and curves are merged with the natural materials of L’Antic Colonial. Available in white (A-cero Gloss) and black (A-cero Dark), Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares’ studio offer a longer shaped bathtub to create a large and practical support surface.

The ancestral inspiration of Estudi{H}ac: Men{h}ir

José Manuel Ferrero, of Estudi{H}ac, has created a free-standing bathtub inspired by the menhir standing stones of Stonehenge. Created from three pieces of marble – Blanco Atenas or Crema Italia – the Men{h}ir bathtub incorporates a comfortable tray with a wooden base and metal structure.

Azrama: a bathroom for wellbeing

The New York designer Clodagh works with natural stone following the principles of Feng Shui to convert the bathroom into a space centred on personal wellbeing. Through this ancient philosophy, Clodagh has designed the Azrama Hammock Tub Habana Brown, a rectangular element belonging to the Azrama collection with two rounded edges which give a natural apprearence of a rough and pleasant texture, created in Habana Brown marble.

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