January 25, 2016 | Updated: December 12, 2019


The 23rd Porcelanosa Exhibition latest news: distinction in the Premium wall tiles

PORCELANOSA Grupo begins its 23rd edition of the Global Architecture International Exhibition in order to bring us closer to the most technological pioneering solutions for Architecture and Interior design.

From January 25th to 29th, the eight firms from the Group present their latest designs in floor tiles, wall tiles, bathroom equipment and kitchens or the most avant-garde building systems, with the aim of showing in their exclusive showrooms the reason why they are world famous firms, and furthermore, why they are seen as the benchmark in both design and high quality.

Under the distinction, elegance and exclusivity of the Premium Collection products selection, Porcelanosa presents, within the framework of the 23rd Exhibition, a new series of Premium ceramic wall tiles. With the most exclusive unique finishes, this series of Premium wall tiles is able to provide any space, where they are included, with both sophistication and excellence.

In addition to their high quality and innovative design, the main feature that these new mono-porous ceramic wall tiles are highlighted by, has to do with their larger format, which has been carried out thanks to the most advanced technology that PORCELANOSA Grupo uses in the ceramics production. Thus, this new collection of wall tiles  is able to reach a length of up to 120 cm and a width of 45 cm, which is ideal for covering the standard height of bathrooms by making use of just two pieces, and what is more, it covers the total width of the shower. Furthermore, the installation is presented cut-free with as few joints as possible, which provides a high sense of continuity.

The Premium ceramic coverings by Porcelanosa are available in up to five different models and they come in both different and exclusive finishes. The elegance and the total refinement, done with Marmi XL and its surfaces in relief and Filo, and its incredible shine in the glass effect finish are in the following three models: Filo Blanco, Filo Grey and Filo Topo. With the naturalness that emulates natural stone, the Persa collection arrives at Porcelanosa to acclaim marble’s eternal beauty. Aspen, for its part, resembles natural slate, serving up a design which is both exclusive and sumptuous. The very latest in the series, namely Espiga, works as a tribute to painted paper with a pearl base, strengthening the continuity to the max, which contributes to the large format of the Premium coatings.

PORCELANOSA Grupo brings together all the range of its exclusive and most luxurious products from the Premium Collection, converging in order to form spaces of high distinction. Taps  in rose, titanium and silver finishes; stone and natural wood, kitchens with special finishes or large format ceramics make up this collection, which creates atmospheres with both character and their very own personality.


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