December 4, 2017 | Updated: December 11, 2019

Architecture awards

The 10th PORCELANOSA Grupo Awards Finalists: design materials which put emphasis on the work space functionality and dynamism

Raúl Sandoval, a student from the CICE Madrid Professional College of New Technologies, at the 10th PORCELANOSA Architecture and Interior Design Awards, in the Forward-Looking Projects-Students category, presented an office project which enhances work and leisure spaces through a meticulous miscellany of materials in wall tiles and flooring.

The project

The work studio presented is made up of continuous open spaces with connected environments and joint areas which provide the set with dynamism and movement.

Its approximately 470 square metre area has been outlined by independent spaces through textures and sets of inner volumes which allow for the creation of intimate, flexible and dynamic spaces by means of visual interruptions.

Vertical divisions which, in most cases do not make up closed rooms, and in other cases, they do not reach the floor or the ceiling, therefore, this allows for the continuity of the material, and thus, the space.

The objective is to achieve a connection between the different work spaces and to contribute to the visual harmony of the set, therefore, getting a neutral atmosphere, which is articulated into interconnected spaces.

The materials

One of the most characteristic features of this project is the meticulousness shown by the project designer when respecting nature and the properties of each material. Products from the PORCELANOSA Grupo which help to create integrated free-flowing atmospheres through the versatility and functionality of the porcelain floor and wall tiles by Venis and the extra-slim porcelain tiles by Urbatek.

Specifically, it is in the work areas where the author has banked on materials such as the Argenta Antracita porcelain tile by Venis and the XLight Basic through-body porcelain floor tile by Urbatek in their maroon, grey and olive green tones in order to envelop the space in a light free-flowing atmosphere.

As well as that, it is in the meeting rooms where the Rhin Taupe ceramic floor tile by Venis in a matt-gloss finish has been combined with the Rhin Natural porcelain wall tile, also by Venis.

Finally, it is in the kitchen/dining room where the Deco Roche Acero ceramic floor tile by Venis has been included, whereas in the rest areas, reception and bathrooms, the Rhin Natural porcelain floor tile by Venis, as well as the Crystal Floor White have been opted for, a wall tile in a gloss finish.

These are elements which, provide the project with high functionality and design, since they are inspired by natural materials without compromising the inherent properties and features of the ceramic.

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