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Terrazzo tile: everything you need to know

Are you looking for a versatile and durable material for your home décor? Look no further than terrazzo tile.

This article explores terrazzo effect tiles, which offer the same aesthetic appeal as traditional terrazzo, but in a much more affordable and practical form. Discover how to use terrazzo effect tiles in your home décor, including tips for the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, living areas, and even the outdoors. With their unique texture, colour possibilities, and durability, terrazzo tiles are a perfect fit for contemporary décor.


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Grey porcelain tile with a matt finish and a stone effect. It gives character and sophistication to any architectural space. Unique, resistant, and cutting-edge design.

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What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a type of composite material made up of various elements that are combined together, rather than being a single, solid piece. To create terrazzo, marble chips (or other materials such as quartz, granite, or glass) are mixed with a binding agent, typically concrete, to achieve a strong chemical and physical bond. After the mixture has cured, the surface is then ground down and polished to create a smooth and consistent finish. It is what we recognise as terrazzo.

The unique, palpable texture of terrazzo can be customised by adjusting the additives, colour (both of the pieces and the bonding compound), and size of the pieces used. All of which have an impact on the final product. When used effectively in construction and decoration projects, terrazzo can have a captivating and almost mesmerizing effect.


The evolution of terrazzo

Beautiful, stylish and robust – few building materials are as versatile and sumptuous as terrazzo. Terrazzo has been around for centuries, becoming particularly popular in Italy in the 18th century. In the UK, it was first used in institutional buildings during the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 40s.

Improvements in laying terrazzo and the introduction of expansion joints to prevent cracking made it more practical and affordable. Due to its hard-wearing and decorative qualities and easy maintenance, it has been widely used in public buildings, such as hospitals, shops, religious buildings, and schools.

Today, terrazzo is undergoing a surge in popularity again, thanks to the limitless possibilities and no-nonsense performance of the terrazzo effect tile. An affordable and practical material that is aesthetically pleasing and seriously hard-wearing. It represents another step forward for terrazzo enthusiasts, making it a perfect fit for contemporary décor.


Terrazzo tiles

While terrazzo is a finish that requires laying in situ, for flooring specifically, the development of the terrazzo tile represents an evolutionary leap. Now it’s easier and more affordable than ever to achieve this stunning look, with its sensual qualities that evoke the golden age of Art Deco architecture.

Moreover, terrazzo effect tiles can be just as varied, colourful, and hard-wearing as traditional terrazzo. They expertly recreate the unique aesthetic effect of terrazzo while using a much more durable and practical material – porcelain. It’s truly the best of both worlds.


Terrazzo Tile / Treviso Gris / Credits: @gwenhoopman_interiors
Credits: @gwenhoopman_interiors


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Treviso Gris 120×120 is a tile that imitates the look of terrazzo with small speckles of grey, white, and black. It comes in a large format size of 120×120, making it suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.


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Terrazzo tile in the home

Introducing terrazzo into home décor has never been easier with the terrazzo effect tile. Not only is it practical, but its subtle beauty also adds a touch of elegance to any room. Made of porcelain, the tile boasts superior resistance to moisture and humidity compared to other finishes in the home. This means that you can enjoy its beauty without worrying about wear and tear over time.

Below, we will provide examples and advice on how to effectively use it in different areas of the home, such as the hallway, the bathroom, the kitchen, the living areas, and the outdoor spaces.


Terrazzo tile hall

The hallway and entrance of the home are places where making a good impression matters. There is no better material than terrazzo to make a statement at the threshold of the home. Its easy maintenance also makes it an attractive option.

It looks elegant and expensive but yet is really easy to keep clean which is a very important consideration for entrances. If combined with terrazzo tile skirting, the effect is even more impressive.


Terrazzo tile in the bathroom

If there is one room in the home made for showcasing terrazzo tile it’s the bathroom. Think of the great interiors of 1920s Hollywood bathrooms, like The Great Gatsby or The Shining. Luxurious, glamorous and elegant, terrazzo lends colour, texture and performance to bathroom surfaces.

To make terrazzo contemporary, clad walls and floors with the same tiles, using the same colour grouting. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding adhesives and grout for wet/humid areas. Alternatively, for a more luxurious shower experience, use terrazzo effect tile on the walls of shower cubicles with a rain-effect shower head.


Terrazzo Tile / Treviso Blanco / Credits: @gwenhoopman_interiors
Credits: @gwenhoopman_interiors


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Treviso Blanco 120×120 is a white porcelain tile with a matt finish and a terrazzo effect. It’s suitable for both floors and walls and adds a modern, stylish touch to any space.


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Terrazzo tiles in the kitchen

To capture continental flare in the kitchen, recalling the cuisine of the Mediterranean use terrazzo tile for flooring or wall cladding or indeed both. The effect is instant chic, conjuring up the atmosphere of cultures that are built around the appreciation and sharing of food. The terrazzo effect tile surface is easily wiped down or cleaned.

The best match for the collage-like finish of terrazzo tile is monochrome kitchen cabinets. Especially, high-gloss cabinets, which create a foil with the matte tile finish. It’s a bold and sophisticated design choice that is both functional and stylish, creating a space that is both beautiful and practical.


Living areas featuring terrazzo tile

Although sometimes associated with institutional and larger-scale interiors, the terrazzo tile makes it ideal for the living room. As a surround for a gas or paraffin fireplace terrazzo creates a focal point for a room.

Additionally, the terrazzo effect tile is suitable for creating a ‘rug’ like effect. This involves creating a panel of terrazzo flooring combined with timber parquet or wood effect tiles, which can add a touch of warmth and cosiness to any living space. With its versatility and durability, terrazzo tile can transform a living room into a stylish and functional space.


Terrazzo Tile / Ceppo Stone / Credits: @tresmasdosarquitectos
Credits: @tresmasdosarquitectos


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Ceppo Stone 80×80 is an excellent choice for living rooms as well. When combined with wood and neutral colours, Ceppo Stone can create a warm and inviting environment that is both stylish and comfortable.


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Terrazzo tile for the outdoors

Terrazzo tiles are an excellent choice for outdoor flooring due to their exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. These tiles can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a practical choice for areas such as pool surrounds, garden features, terraces, and patios.

In addition to their practicality, terrazzo tiles can also add a touch of style to outdoor spaces. The matt finish of the tiles creates an elegant frame for decking areas and courtyards. With a wide range of colours and designs available, terrazzo tiles can complement any outdoor design scheme.

Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting outdoor flooring solution or seeking to elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space, terrazzo tiles are an excellent choice. Their combination of practicality and style make them an ideal option for any outdoor project.

Terrazzo tile - Treviso Gris - Outdoors


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Ceppo Stone 80×80 is an excellent choice for living rooms as well. When combined with wood and neutral colours, Ceppo Stone can create a warm and inviting environment that is both stylish and comfortable.


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Expert help choosing terrazzo tiles

If you’re unsure which terrazzo tile is right for your space, our knowledgeable team is here to help. Visit our online store or stop by our nearest location today to explore our selection of terrazzo tiles and experience the difference for yourself.


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