July 29, 2020 | Updated: July 4, 2022


Update your terrace with the most authentic flooring from PORCELANOSA Group

Terraces have become the most sought-after place in the home, and thanks to them being open air and spacious, they're the safest space to protect yourself from Covid-19 too.

The coronavirus health crisis and full lockdown imposed across Spain until June has led us to rethink the design of homes, with new functions and uses of space. One such idea is to increase natural light in rooms by opening up to the outside. Another shift for the post-Covid-19 home is to convert rooms into multifunctional spaces to encourage air renewal through the use of cross-ventilation systems, or connect indoor with outdoor spaces such as terraces, balconies or swimming pools with open-plan, flowing design.

In this new landscape, terraces are more valued than ever, and are now a priority for home buyers. This was shown in the latest study by real estate portal Fotocasa, which reported that searches for homes with a balcony, terrace or garden had gone up by 40% since the start of lockdown

The upward trend highlights how important these spaces are to people's wellbeing, as well as the prominent role of building materials in architectural planning. 

When planning and implementing building works, it's important to consider how each area is going to be used. This is why at PORCELANOSA Group we're offering a range of terrace flooring, inspired by nature, that's highly resistant and can save you space, as well as improve the urban and natural environment due to its sustainable and eco-efficient nature.

Wood flooring for outdoor terraces

In recent years, wood has become one of the most widely-used materials for flooring because it's so effective at adding homely warmth to homes, making any space feel like a natural haven. This is the premise behind PAR-KER™,a ceramic parquet developed by PORCELANOSA Groupthat combines the softness of natural wood with the technical properties of ceramics. 


The range includes Forest Cognac, with a surface that reproduces the grain and contrasts of cherry wood, and is highly resistant to extreme temperatures, wear and tear, blows and scratches, meaning it stays in good condition for much longer.


It also has non-slip properties and, with 95% recycled composition, helps to protect the environment.


Available in 14.3 cm x 90 cm and 22 cm x 90 cm format with a standard finish, and 14.3 cm x 90 cm with the Antislip finish

Trend-setting large formats

Large format ceramic floor tiles such as Bottega Acero HIGHKER® by Porcelanosa) or the series from the sintered mineral compact range XTONE will give a sense of space to small areas, thanks to its neutral colours, refined lines and soft textures. 

11 Menorca Residence Porcelanosa

Another collection that's ideal for terraces with restricted space is Ámsterdam by L'Antic Colonial, available in four shades: White, Beige, Grey and Grey Sand. The natural stone look range is made to look worn, with soft contrasts to make spaces brighter and a sedimentary look to make it suit any corner.

Balcony flooring: the STEx solution

To solve issues with slopes and uneven surfaces on terraces and balconies, Butech has developed a Raised Access Flooring system for exteriors (STEx, initials in Spanish) that's compatible with all of its PAR-KER™, HIGHKER™ and XTONE models. The system means you can hide the technical installations under the ground, leading to an enhanced appearance and easier maintenance and repair of waterproofing systems.

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