29 December 2021


Interior design trends that will sweep the board in 2022

Neutral tones, wallpaper, wooden and stone floors and monochrome spaces will be the defining features of houses in the coming year.

With the year 2021 coming to an end, we are beginning to glimpse the trends that will define interior design in 2022. Natural finishes, organic textiles, neutral tones, expandable furniture, tiles with designs in relief and combinations of textures are among the decorative ideas we propose in the PORCELANOSA collections.

Walls with patterns in relief and warm floors

The search for light and harmony will be one of the keys to design in the coming year. Open spaces with white walls, geometric mosaics (Gravity Aluminium collection by L'Antic Colonial) and tiles with patterns in relief (Fitwall® Mattonella Rosato decorative panels by KRION®) combined with warm wooden floors (Nebraska and Vancouver ceramic parquet by PAR-KER®), natural textures and Scandinavian-style furniture can give your home a more balanced feel.

Another option is to use wallpaper (Skins series by L'Antic Colonial) or cover the walls with large tiles that simulate the texture of onyx, such as Adamantina natural stone by Urbatek. Its diffused green and beige patterns enhance the appearance of living rooms and bedrooms and are the ideal complement for velvet-covered furniture, spherical lamps or wooden floors.

Neutral and pastel colours

White, earth, beige and even pastel shades (dusty rose, pale yellow or sky-blue) will often be seen in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, together with wooden or iron furniture, high aluminium seats and wardrobes with sliding doors.
Open-plan kitchens such as Gamadecor's Wabi E9.30 can be united with the living room, the appearance of counter tops and electric appliances being harmonised by the use of monochrome blocks or units without handles.

The monoblock trend, which merges the wall with the floor, is also being extended to bathrooms, where wall and floor tiles are treated as a whole. Naturally-inspired marble, wood or ceramics (Forest by PAR-KER®) will allow you to create this type of design and can even be used as part of the fittings (natural stone washbasins, for example). Además, incorporar fibras naturales como el mimbre, el ratán y el yute, espejos retroiluminados, plantas, griferías en acabados como el cobre o el oro cepillado (Lounge de Noken) o bañeras personalizadas con la estética Finsh Studio otorgarán mayor luminosidad y orden a dichas estancias.

Bringing the outside in, and vice versa

It is becoming increasingly common to combine interior spaces with exterior spaces by the use of large wooden panels or ceramic tiles. Following this trend, Butech has designed a collection of 20 mm-thick ceramic floor tiles (Thic'ker) with cement or natural stone textures that are ideal for designing terraces that extend into the living room and infinite swimming pools without steps.

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