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Discover all the secrets of Tamara Falcó’s house

We discover all the details of the unique and personalised design of Tamara Falcó’s house, as materialised by Beatriz Silveira.

Together with Tamara and the interior designer of the project, Beatriz Silveira, we will learn about the Porcelanosa Group materials and products that decorate the home. A 190-square-metre home that exudes elegance and sophistication, with the prominence of curved shapes and neutral tones. An interior design that reflects the businesswoman’s personality.

In this post you will find the different combinations of materials that are found in the main rooms of Tamara’s house. You will also have the opportunity to get to know this Spanish businesswoman and influencer a little better. In the following video, she will reveal the book she is reading and what her favourite jacket is and why.

Beatriz Silveira x Porcelanosa, in the house of Tamara Falcó

Buying a home is a very important decision. Choosing materials, combining them and giving them shape. A task that is creative and artistic. To do this, Tamara has been assisted by Beatriz Silveira.

The interior designer talks to us exclusively about some of the details of Tamara Falcó’s house and how she has managed to extract all the beauty of Porcelanosa Group materials.

– You started by working on a plan. Any must-haves that Tamara could not do without in her house?

From the outset, Tamara was keen for her house to be a haven of serenity and warmth in which the materials evoke nature and light.

– What was your inspiration for the interior design of Tamara Falcó’s house?

Clearly in both the house and in the freshness and sophistication it conveys. These two qualities define Tamara. She has an exquisite sensitivity for aesthetics, perceiving beauty and capturing the essence of things.

Tamara Falcó in her kitchen. Different shots of the kitchen open to the living room in Tamara Falcó’s house.

– Which Porcelanosa Grupo products did Tamara want in her home?

Because of her experience with the material and her close relationship with the brand, Tamara wanted XTONE in the kitchen and bathrooms. Other “must-haves” for the TV star in her home were Altissima natural stone and fine timber. In the final result, the technical and design aspects of the materials stand together perfectly. In this way, we have achieved a harmonious combination of aesthetics and functionality.

– What is the main distinguishing feature of Tamara Falcó’s house?

There is a clear intention to use natural tones and stone in various applications. Different models of Altissima natural stone have been used in the interior architecture through elements such as the door frames and their limestone half-spheres or the floor cut-outs. It has also been used in some of the furniture. A clear demonstration of the versatility of Altissima natural stone.

Tamara Falcó in the bathroom of her house and some details of the room.

– As you said, Altissima has a special place in the property. Tell us why this material was chosen.

Natural stone is always present in my creations and is one of the main features of the charm of Tamara Falcó’s loft. For this project, each of the varieties offered by the wide Altissima range was inspiring and led to me to develop a specific design. Tamara appreciated it in the same way and the result has been impeccable.

– There are a lot of details with Altissima Paloma Honed limestone (skirting boards, door frames, the floor of the main bathroom…). How did you come up with the idea of these elements and what sensations did you want to achieve?

The principles behind the creation of these elements were fluidity, textures, interaction and contemporary marked volumes with nods to the classicism of the owner. Tamara and I love the walls with moulding. In this case, the contemporary architecture of the house called for clarity as well as softness and fluidity. The limestone spheres are intended to contrast with the rotundity of the marvellous exterior architecture.

– As Tamara herself said, the kitchen is “the heart of the house”. What was the process of creating and choosing the materials like for this space that is so important for a chef?

The kitchen is the space that Tamara has taken most care of and about which we have received the most enquiries. She let us know that she wanted it to be the heart of her new home. And that’s how we understood it in the studio from the very first moment. That’s why we have designed a kitchen that is both functional and unique. To achieve the desired result, the Porcelanosa Kitchens (Gamadecor) team was very helpful during the process. From the outset they gave us support in materialising each of the ideas that make up the design, and with which Tamara identifies and feels comfortable.

– There is also a strong focus on XTONE sintered stone, which is used in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Tamara was well aware of XTONE’s extensive range of finishes and technical features. It was she herself who pointed out the benefits of the material. Thanks to the brand’s designs, we managed to give the project great character and personality.

– Each of the three bathrooms of the house features a different style, but with some points in common, such as the brushed gold finish of the taps.

I was already familiar with the range of taps and sanitaryware that Porcelanosa Group offers with its Noken brand. It has been a constant in my work and indeed brushed gold was the natural choice for Tamara Falcó’s house. There is a very contemporary mix in the designs of fittings and in the range of finishes. On the other hand, the freestanding bathtub in Krion® and its wonderful finish perfectly matched the essence of my bathroom design for Tamara.

Tamara Falcó’s house reflects a lot of attention to detail, just like businesswoman’s attitude to everything she does. Classic and modern notes create a perfect contrast in a cosmopolitan interior design with a lot of character. Tamara Falcó’s loft is an ode to craftsmanship, exclusivity and elegance.

Porcelanosa Grupo in Tamara Falcó’s home

A special and personal kitchen

– Kitchen Emotions E4 Cuarcita Mate, E6 Roble Alba and XTONE Doré Texture (Gamadecor).
Smart Kitchen, the invisible dual inductive worktop (Gamadecor).
Altissima Breccia Pernice Polished on the backsplash.
– Edges and front of the island with XTONE Doré Texture.
– Travertine marble on the island worktop with XTONE Tivoli Beige sintered stone.

Main bathroom

– Carpet in relief on the pavement with the Altissima Piedra Paloma Honed limestone.
– Shower enclosure, skirting board and bathroom floor with Altissima Lumix Polished.
Arch Double bathtub (Krion).
Lignage Cross floor-mounted taps (Noken)
Acro Compact toilet with electronic seat and built-in bidet function, by Noken.

Guest bathroom

– Double washbasin and built-in bathtub, both elements covered with XTONE Viola Rossé.
– For the bathtub, thermostatic shower and washbasins, the Lignage taps by Noken have been used.
Arquitect Rimless toilet by Noken.

Guest toilet

– Washbasin on top, Aro, made of Krion® Solid.
– Marble top with Altissima Negro Marquina Leather.
Lignage Luxe wall-mounted taps, with brushed gold finish, by Noken.

Maximum warmth

Wald 1L Custom natural wood by L’Antic Colonial has been used as the general flooring in Tamara Falcó’s loft.

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Promoter: Kronos Homes

Interior design: Beatriz Silveira

Photo: Alex Del Río y CharHadas para Porcelanosa

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