May 20, 2014 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Sweden and Denmark by Venis: the Vintage versions of Stockholm ceramic stone

Stockholm stoneware’s cement-like appearance is used as a base for the Sweden and Denmark porcelain collections by Venis, creating designs full of creativity and an early 20th century decorative elegance.

Each piece is formed by 4 to 6 different designs, decorated with organic, floral and geometric patterns. The surface’s worn look gives both Ston-ker models a nostalgic feel, achieving a romantic yet elegant space.

The original Sweden and Denmark models by Venis have multiple uses; be it rug-like area, marking spaces, checkerboard shapes combined with the Stockholm base or simply, randomly placed pieces …you can always achieve results which combine perfectly with vintage styles.

Both models are available in a 59.6×59.6 cm rectified square metre format, and in two different colours: Natural and Gris- a neutral colour scheme which boosts its patterns.

The strength and long lastingness of Ston-ker comes with all the benefits of PORCELANOSA Group porcelain materials such as its impermeability, resistance and easy installation.

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