September 13, 2022


Touch and Feel, a wellness experience at home

Sustainability and ergonomics are the main attributes of Noken's thermostatic columns.

Who said you can't bring the spa to your bathroom at home to experience the feeling of wellness on a daily basis? The design of the Touch & Feel collection allows different effects to be enjoyed simultaneously, providing you a feeling of disconnection and relaxation of body and mind.

Round and Square, contrasting styles

Curved or rectilinear geometric shapes and the chrome or matt black finishes of the fixed and hand held shower heads in this updated collection offer an aesthetic structure that provides balance and visual impact in the bathroom.

The variety of styles in the Touch & Feel column and its practical design increase user comfort thanks to the integrated glass shelf for storage of typical elements such as sponges and shampoos.

The main benefits of the Round hand held shower head are the rain effect. This regulates the amount of water and focuses it on the desired body part. The more modern look and feel of the Square model allows the user to switch between functions with the touch of a button. The novelty of this model is its expanded options, offering the possibility of enjoying the massage effect, the rain effect, or both at the same time. The new columns include the cascade function in the shower head.

Benefits that allow you to find a deep state of relaxation

The Touch & Feel models take care of the user in their moment of relaxation, while minimising the impact on the environment. The optimisation of energy and water resources is a particularly attractive feature, with the thermostatic mixer facilitating the control and saving of water and regulating water temperature. At the same time, the flow rate limiter for both the hand held and fixed shower heads makes the experience sustainable and personalised.

One of the advantages of this column is the system devised by PORCELANOSA's own bathroom firm, Noken Safe Stop, which, with its 38ºC water block, cuts off the supply of hot water to prevent burns. This guarantees user safety in the event of any loss of cold water.

These models also include Noken Thermotrust, the technology of embedding technical components that keeps everything cool and avoids the possibility of burns. This allows you to enjoy small moments of well-being and tranquillity every day of the year.

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