June 3, 2022


Porcelanosa's tips for a light and bright bathroom

A small room can be made more spacious with light colours, wall-hung units and by unifying floors and walls with a single design.

In a space as confined as the bathroom, creating light and space is a challenge. Especially if the room is small or narrow and you want to push its boundaries to give the impression of an unlimited and undefined space.
If you want to turn bathroom interior design on its head, PORCELANOSA has a few décor tips for you to better organise the different spaces and enhance the points of light.

Less is more

Extending the bathroom to the rest of the home and having more free areas is one of the most popular designs in homes and offices. To achieve this, it is best not to overload the space with decorative objects or additional furniture and to choose neutral colours on walls and floors. In this colour scheme we have Porcelanosa's marble-inspired porcelain tiles such as Sochi or Carrara, as well as the sintered surface XTONE® Viola Blue, which increases the luminosity of bathrooms thanks to its bright and vibrant veins.

Another of the most popular ways to achieve a light and functional bathroom is to install wall-hung units or recessed washbasins, which allow you to optimise the use and cleanliness of the space. The Essence C and Noken bathroom units are great options for achieving this, as well as the configurable Icon unit by Gamadecor, or the Leaf and Up models also by Gamadecor. The latter stand out for their minimalist designs in white that balance and enlarge the room.

Open shower screens and minimalist countertops

In a small bathroom, placing a bathtub in the centre or on the side will give you less free space to use the way you want. A solution to create a more comfortable and hygienic space is to install a transparent glass partition or sliding doors, which will allow you to unify the shower area with the rest of the room, and this way achieve a continuous design.

A splash of colour on the walls and taps

Pastel or aqua colours can also enhance the light thanks to their soft and shimmering tones, as is the case with the Nazari floor tiles from L'Antic Colonial. With a design of small raised squares, this collection is ideal for bathrooms looking to highlight personality. It can be paired with designer taps such as Lignage by Noken or Tono, designed for the firm by Foster+Partners.

For a more exotic bathroom, you can include the Pangea natural stone collection from Altissima (XTONE®) on the walls and floors and opt for touches of gold or metallic profiles (Butech) on the auxiliary units or lighting.

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