June 30, 2022


Sustainability and Porcelanosa ceramics define the Infinity Views residential complex

The firm Estudio3 Arquitectos is responsible for this environmentally-friendly residential complex, in which nature comes in through the windows, porches and terraces.

A futuristic home whose hallmark is sustainability. This is the challenge that the architect Santiago Martínez faced when proposing this residential complex, marked by the steep slope where it is located. A project defined by design, energy efficiency and functionality resulting in a balcony open to the horizon.

Open, flexible spaces inside

Starting from two L-shaped rectangular prisms, the team at estudio3 Arquitectos designed a building that makes the most of the spectacular views that the land provides. This structure supports cubic volumes used for bedrooms, in which extra-fine porcelain pieces from Porcelanosa and XTONE® have been combined on the façade, installed with Butech installation systems. These same materials have also been used inside the home as decorative cladding. This type of distribution creates open, flexible spaces in the more public rooms of the home, while delimiting and protecting privacy in private areas and bedrooms. The connecting link between all the rooms is the PAR-KER ® Tanzania Almond floor tiles by PORCELANOSA, which is found in the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, common areas and bedrooms.

Another area of Infinity Views to be highlighted is the multiple sustainability criteria taken into account in the construction. Its orientation and the bioclimatic design itself promote thermal stability while optimizing the entry of light and reducing electricity consumption. Furthermore, the choice of stone and porcelain materials for the walls and technological glass for the bays enables suitable insulation for maintaining a comfortable temperature with minimal energy expenditure. All of this, together with the use of renewable energy sources such as geothermal energy and solar panels, low-energy LED lighting systems and the installation of direct digital controls for temperature, humidity and lighting, make this residential complex an example of environmentally-friendly construction.

Connected with nature

The property is closely linked to the surrounding environment. A connection with nature that promotes its camouflage through the careful selection of materials such as the Stuc White Texture collection by XTONE®, used as floor tiles for the entire exterior. This sandstone inspired model with a non-slip finish stands out with the metallic, solid effect of the rest of the façade elements and provides continuity in the staircases, solarium and terraces.

Finally, this aesthetic is maintained in the most private rooms, such as the bathrooms. A combination of light and dark cladding by Porcelanosa and XTONE® with Butech decorative profiles, which are enhanced by the picture window that connects directly with nature.
An oasis where you can rest and relax on the outskirts of Madrid.

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