February 12, 2014 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Straight lines define the new bathroom collection by Systempool, made in Krion®

Among the new bathroom equipment proposals that Systempool showcased at the 21st PORCELANOSA Group International Exhibition was the multiple uses of Krion® for creating Ras: a new aesthetic and practical modular collection.

Several countertop and wash basin models in Krion® complete this elegant and minimalist collection. Meticulous finishes are achieved by using a hidden drain and steel components.

Versatility and avant-garde are the main features in this new series that is created with the new generation compact material developed by Systempool. The practical and functional design of the Ras collection completes the suspended modules, creating a sensation of visual lightness in the space.

With meticulously defined clear lines, the wash basins and countertops in the Ras collection perfectly complement the wide variety of auxiliary furniture that is used to create spaces with their own personality. The setting’s formal simplicity contributes to the sensation of perfection and order in any environment.

Ecocycle®, the other lives of Krion®

Systempool has seized the moment to launch a new label which unites the Krion® series made with recycled material. 35% of the product originates from waste production: the remaining material is crushed and stored away with the aim to give life to new creations and designs.

Systempool already has a new Krion® series with the distinctive Ecocycle: Nature Lux Series, which comes in 8 of the most popular colours, ranging from white to grey, as well as browner and ochre colours.

Once more, Systempool proves that innovation and design are compatible with sustainability and environmental protection, which can be perceived in each and every one of the collections that are created with the solid surface by PORCELANOSA Group.

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