February 18, 2020


Porcelanosa renews the stone-inspired ceramic classic with Durango

This collection preserves the aesthetic of this natural element with an important fossil influence.

The wall tiles have three decors, whereas the flooring is a part of the HighkerTM large-format ceramic.

Durango is the new ceramic collection from Porcelanosa with natural stone leading the way, creating unique and exclusive spaces in the process. Floor and wall tiles whose discrete nuances become fine chromatic gradients which simulate the fossil look of the material.

P Durango Topo 100cmx100cm H

Tactile wall tile combination

The new series is made up of four decors for stone-inspired wall cladding  that can be combined with each other:  Durango, Spiga Durango, Mosaico Durango and Deco Durango. Dynamic designs which maintain the raw touch of stone, therefore creating an effect which is both optical and tactile in the purest version of the material. Its presence is softened with a colour palette in nude and earth tones, as well as the avant-garde shapes of its surface. The colours which have been chosen are Acero and Bone, both of them in the following formats: 59.6cm x 150cm and 31.6cm x 90cm.

P Durango Silver 100cmx100cm

Large-format aesthetic subtlety with Highker

As far as floor tiles are concerned, and also inspired by natural stone, Durango is available in four tones: Acero, Silver, Topo and Bone; it comes in two sizes: 100cm x 100cm and 59.6cm x 59.6cm.

The first of the two formats belongs to the Highker collection, which has been developed by Porcelanosa. Large-format pieces which accurately reproduce the materials which also have technical features that provide extra resistance and long-lasting qualities.

Models with their own personality which are full of high quality.

More personality and natural gloss

A new glossy finish has been added to pieces from the Durango collection. This light, reflective finish has rejuvenated the collection, adding to both base tiles (Durango Brillo Acero and Durango Brillo Bone) and decorative elements (Deco Durango Brillo Acero and Deco Durango Brillo Bone) in 45 cm x 120 cm format.

The glossy finish can also be incorporated into flooring with two base tiles (Durango Brillo Acero and Durango Brillo Bone) measuring 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm.


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