September 14, 2016 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Stone-effect through-body porcelain for both spas and thermal spaces: inspired by nature

When carrying out a spa project or a wellness centre, complete relaxation in the atmosphere is of particular importance, however, it is important that the space is inspired by nature, by joining pureness, authenticity, stone and water together.

Visitors will want to lose themselves in an ocean of peace and quietness, looking to both unwind and relax thanks to the natural origin, which the stone bathed by water provides. All of this must be found in the space design, which will manage to reproduce the nature effect without compromising either quality, resistance or safety.

While trying to be loyal, trends in architecture and interior design look towards flooring and ceramic wall tiles with a natural stone effect, however, they are able to undergo exposure to humidity and have high anti-slip properties.

The lighting, the scents and a warm welcoming design turn out to be key points when setting up a spa, as well as the materials used, which must be soft to touch, together with low-porosity properties and 100% anti-slip safety.

PORCELANOSA Grupo, by means of Urbatek, brings these features together through materials for flooring and wall tiles, such as the Deep full through-body porcelain.

The Deep collection reproduces the same natural stone with high sophistication and excellence by means of different finishes and tones, in order to customise any project. Ranging from the bright Deep White and the Deep Light Grey to the dull Deep Grey, more faithful to the stone, or the vigorous Deep Brown. These four tones, available in the Nature and Anti-slip finish, have different graphic assortments, veins and chromatic fades, all of them necessary in order to achieve a unique spa project. Furthermore, Urbatek offers the possibility of combining them together with the mosaic meshes from the same series, thus, providing the wall tiles  with even more beauty.

With regard to the formats, one can find this through-body porcelain tile inspired by quartzite stone and bluestone in the following: 59,6 x 59,6 x 10,4mm; and 29,7 x 59,6 x 10,4mm. As well as those, the mosaic has a 29,7 x 59,6 x 10,4mm format.

Deep: the ideal material for both spas and thermal spaces

The great realism regarding graphics and stone textures, together with their technical features, make Deep become the perfect design to fit both the spas and thermal spaces with flooring and wall tiles. Its anti-slip finish makes it ideal for installing in wet areas, and at the same time, the hygienic properties are guaranteed, as well as both safety and easy maintenance.

Its multidirectional combination and the installation of pieces achieve a magnificent natural effect with strong dynamism, thus, fulfilling every project and covering it with large amounts of not only harmony and balance, but comfort as well.

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