January 3, 2019 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Stone inspired ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles

The Ocean, Mirage, Dayton, Austin and Madagascar series from Venis are inspired by natural stone aesthetic.

Their visual strength provides the necessary character to be used in interiors and exteriors alike.

Venis incorporates the character of natural stone in some of its main ceramic series. The result is exclusive pieces which combine avant-garde design and tradition.

Interior and exterior toughness with STON-KERTM

The STON-KERTM collections from Venis, inspired by natural stone, enhance the finish of one of the oldest materials with exclusive and innovative ceramic designs.

Elements which offer high resistance for the most demanding projects.

Mirage reproduces natural slate with ceramic floor tiles in the following three formats: 40cmx80cm, 59,6cmx120cm and 44,3cmx44,3cm. It is available in four finishes: Cream, Dark, Silver and White; and it also provides great durability which makes its use in exteriors possible.

The most dynamic series focuses on the beige contrast offered by OCEAN. A design which shows nude and limestone tones with subtle shade variation nuances in a matt finish. The format for wall tiles is 33,3cmx100cm, whereas for floor tiles, the following formats can be chosen: 59,6cm and 44,3cmx44,3cm; only in a limestone tone.

Historical essence in innovative projects

The classical piacentina stone is an inspiration for the Dayton collection. Lively elegance thanks to the Deli dynamic decoration in a herringbone pattern; Croix with linear patterns and Duna with chromatic compositions in a wavy shape. Their Sand, Garphite and Ash finishes can be found in: 33,3cmx100cm for wall tiles; 80cmx80cm and 59,6cmx59,6cm for floor tiles.

The Austin series provides visual clearness through its Dark Gray, Gray and Natural finishes in matt and gloss. The 40cmx80cm, 45cmx120cm, and 59,6cmx120cm formats can be used both in wall tiles and floor tiles alike; giving the atmosphere a unique timeless character.

The pieces from the Madagascar collection offer a colour dialogue which makes the finish lighter. The Beige, Blanco and Natural tones count on wall tiles in the: 33,3cmx100cm, 33,3cmx59,2cm and 20cmx33,3cm formats; and on floor tiles in the: 59,6cmx59,6cm (only in Natural and Blanco), 44cmx66cm, 45cmx90cm (only in Natural) and the 44,3cmx44,3cm formats.

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