March 12, 2019 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Starwood, a rustic touch for attics

This ceramic wood from the PORCELANOSA Grupo comes in 26 different shades, which give this type of house greater spaciousness.

Its Outdoor technology makes it possible to bring exteriors and interiors together in the same space.

Their high leaning ceilings with wooden beams, together with the light entering through the windows, turn attics into magical places. Despite their small size, this type of construction allows for a huge number of decorative possibilities regarding styles.

In order to have greater spaciousness in these areas, the PORCELANOSA Grupo offers several ideas to create stylish interiors through the countless collections from Starwood. A clear example of this is Tanzania, whose aesthetic possibilities make it possible to offer a huge number of colour and texture combinations for both floor tiles and wall tiles.

The standout tones in this series are:  Almond, Nut, Natural and Walnut; providing spaces with a stronger character.


Between almond trees and coffee plantations

Inspired by almond trees and their colour change variations, Tanzania Almond gives spaces greater brightness through its yellowy reflections and shade variations. Its veins and it resistance come together to reproduce those European forests that are full of lime trees and beech trees.

Tanzania Nut is one of the most neutral series in the Starwood collection. By following the motto: ‘less is more’; the pieces of this material can be combined with a huge number of materials and furniture in darker tones. This contrast makes the creation of spaces which are more spacious and organised easier. We are dealing with minimal-styled sobriety.


Inspired by European and North American fine wood, the Tanzania Natural series is characterised by both its great strength and versatility. Taking the purest natural materials as an example, this material offers great hardness in unfavourable weather conditions.

Between the typical red of the American maple and the brown from the Colombian coffee plantations, Tanzania Walnut creates private atmospheres where elegance leads the way.

Full of great visual richness and brightness, Starwood brings timelessness and strength together in each of its series. It is a result of its technological researches, which have achieved numerous advances in resistance and image alike. Inspiration working as a guide.

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