November 21, 2019


Starwood shows its timeless character in the new chapter of ‘Eternal Dates’

While the leading characters are aware of the ravages of time, the ceramic wood from PORCELANOSA Group remains as good as new. 

The multidisciplinary design from the company comes with the different atmospheres from this series, where the aesthetic uniformity of their floor tiles and wall tiles is shown.

In this new instalment, the leading characters from the  ‘Eternal Dates’ series think about the passing of time and the changes that have come into in their lives. At their home. It is precisely to this point where the viewer’s attention is wanted through the decor elements and materials which find their inspiration in wood and cement. And it is here where Starwood appears, the ceramic wood from PORCELANOSA Group which, remains unaffected over the years because of its strong composition and structure.

Vancouver Nude goes on stage

Vancouver Nude plays the leading role in this series. Based on aged oak wood, this collection belonging to Starwood is used as the flooring and covering in the bedroom, and its main feature is that it adapts to the space without altering the tidiness or its meaning. A result which is achieved thanks to the cut-to-size features and customisation that come with the bed headboard.


The warmth conveyed by this ceramic wood harmoniously contrasts with the Urban collection from Venis, a cement wall tile which comes in four tones: Caliza, Natural, Acero and Black; whose unlimited graining enhance the spaciousness of the rooms.

Meanwhile, the Starwood timeless clock sets its very own times.

To be continued…


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