January 5, 2023

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Star Tiles: Ideas & Designs

The use of simple motifs on wall and floor finishes, like star tiles, provides just the right decorative element to add character.

Star tiles are visually compelling and create a very different look compared to floral tile patterns. Their geometric simplicity and perfect symmetry define their beauty. Through this article, we look at how star tiles can add to your home décor. We also include some ideas and tips. Check them out below and be inspired by stars!

Star tiles - Ideas & Designs

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The star motif

Star tiles can include everything from complex three-dimensional geometric motifs to simple flat four-sided shapes. In mathematics, a star shape is defined as a non-convex polygon. In other words, a closed two-dimensional figure made up of three or more line segments. Nevertheless, generally speaking, we think of the star motif as a five or more-sided figure with matching vertices that are symmetrical across at least one of its axes.

The star shape is universal and common to all cultures. It is associated with standards of excellence and hierarchy. The shape also has strong religious connotations. It represents our curiosity regarding what lies beyond our earthly confines. That is why, since ancient times, the star motif has been widely used in the decoration of religious buildings, particularly in Muslim architecture.


Star floor tiles

Motifs are popular in architecture and interior design not only for their decorative qualities but also to provide a sense of scale. This is especially the case with floor tiles. Patterned floor tiles not only embellish flooring but the patterns help establish a relationship with the human body. On the horizontal plane, the repetitive quality of the motif helps measure depth and allows us to judge space more easily. Star tiles on floors are an example of how a motif can be defined by the surrounding void. The motif can be appreciated as a pattern that helps make a small room feel larger. Equally, a larger floor area can also be visually defined.


Star wall tiles

While choosing star tiles for floors adds an abstract background pattern, the use of star tiles on walls is altogether different. Wall tiles add extra quality and visual verve in comparison to other finishes. On the vertical surface, the motifs are much more visible and add an artistic element to the décor. The kitchen backsplash and wall panels in bathrooms are both excellent instances where star tiles look best. Here the busy mosaic pattern includes star tiles in grey which helps calm down the overall mosaic.


Star wall tiles

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The most popular star tiles

The star motif is one of the oldest and most established patterns for tiles and has been popular since the first tiles were manufactured. The geometric shape is an abstraction of the way that light from stars is perceived. Stars are, of course, suns, and spherical in shape like our Solar System’s sun. The light is diffused by the Earth’s atmosphere to create symmetrical shards or shafts that emanate from the centre point. The star shape is easy to identify and popular in arts and crafts. The following examples represent the most popular contemporary star tiles.


#1 Central star motif

The star motif occupies the centre of the tile and is read against a plain background. The tile can also have a complimentary geometric motif at the joints, a square or a diamond, completed by the four tiles joining with one another.

Central star motif tiles


#2 Composite star motif

A larger star tile pattern can be achieved if the star motif is spread across four tiles placed next to one another. Each tile features a quadrant and the tile joints help unify the overall effect and look seamless.

Composite star motif


#3 Geometric star motif

The star figure is more fragmented; the shape is suggested through more complex lines and angles. These tiles are better suited to walls because they are more obviously decorative and have greater visual appeal individually.

Geometric star motif


Star tiles ideas

There are three main areas of the home where star tiles can really shine. They include but are not limited to bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and entrance hall tiles. To help you decide what will work best for your home, we look at some beautiful examples below. These star tiles connect both traditional and contemporary art aesthetics through interior design.


#1 Star bathroom tile

Star tiles are particularly suitable for bathroom walls and floors. The simple lines of the figures look good when seen against the curves of sanitary ware. Moreover, there is intrinsic cleanliness in the overall pattern. As wall tiles, we recommend featuring star tiles in panels, in the shower cubicle, for example, or over a WHB.  When it comes to floor tiles, on the other hand, star tiles are ideal for covering the entire floor. The pattern is ideal for reflecting light off the ground but also adds a designer flourish, subtle yet powerful.


Star bathroom tiles

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#2 Grey grid and star motif combined

The principal geometric pattern of the star tiles is the square grid with highlights where the colour bands intersect. An eight-sided star in two contrasting tones that mirror the other tones of the same tile provides a central focal point. The effect is decorative but equally helps to create scale in the space.

 Grey grid and star motif combined

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#3 Blue star tile

The colour blue, like star tiles, has an undeniable universal appeal, as well as historical significance. Blue was one of the very first tones to be successfully incorporated into ceramics. Coupling these two classic elements together makes for a magical combination. Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, the blue star tile looks ‘right’ as if it belongs. Furthermore, the colour blue lends a sense of calm and serenity to these spaces.


#4 Star and diamond motifs for a crisp modern floor finish

Star tiles featuring two shades of blue, light and dark, against a white background adding a clean and modern look to the flooring in this commercial space. The sharp graphic quality of the motif is punchy and contrasts with the organic qualities of the wood and fabric upholstery. Here the star tiles motif is actually achieved through the junction of the four tiles.


Star and diamond motifs for a crisp modern floor finish

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#5 Traditional contemporary bathroom

The star tiles provide this contemporary bathroom with a traditional aesthetic. The differentiation in the colour blue, for the diamond and star motif, lends depth. The clean and white sanitary ware is highlighted by the repetitive pattern. Notice how the same star tiles are also used on the wall but only to define the shower cubicle.


Traditional contemporary bathroom

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#6 Black star tile

Among the most celebrated locations in the home to feature star tiles is the entrance hall. In black and white tones, the motif is especially powerful. Why? Because the white reflects the light from the outside and the black adds a decorative flourish. The effect is made highly contemporary when a more pared-back and modern tile is featured. The star geometry is reduced to a simple silhouette which is perfectly legible in monochrome. The effect is non-fussy but equally has a soothing quality thanks to its repetitive motif.


Black star tile


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